Friday Night Fun

This has been an extremely emotional week at school. Each day I found myself coming home drained a bit more than the previous. I usually expect this sort of thing - the last month students usually begin to let loose and get a little crazy. With some breathing exercises and humor, I'm usually pretty emotionally limber. This week though I've had some tough cases that have left me feeling pretty grey. (I racked my brain for the appropriate descriptor and the color is the only thing that came up).

So, I'm home now, getting reading to fix a drink and sink into the cushions of my sofa. I have a take out menu by my side, a book, and the movie Persepolis. Oh and tons of DVR'd Law & Order: SVU shows to watch.

I'm at a loss as to which I should dive into. I'm currently reading My Lobotomy by Howard Dully, which is a memoir of a man who, you guessed it, had an "ice pick" lobotomy. I purchased this book last month because I haven't read many psych based books since earning my degrees and deciding to stay in the classroom. The story is heartbreaking, there are moments of such emotionally volatile abuse that I what to scream at these parents. Unfortunately the writing is not so good.

Persepolis is another option, but I don't know if I'm in the write mind set to truly appreciate the film version. I might be missing out because I'm in such a different zone.

So, my guess is I'm going to resort to doing nothing literary and watch SVU. You know, I notice that my favorite sorts of tele shows are centered around crime/cops, yet I never read any types of law/cops/crime novels. In fact I usually don't enjoy them that much when I do. (I know many people are fans of Lisa Jackon, and although I read a couple, I found myself to be pretty bored!)

Do your television or even movie-watching tastes differ dramatically from your book reads?


  1. I'd keep reading my lobotomy and make up for the easily understandable writing by reading deep thought provoking books afterwards..... Just my opinion though...

    Howard Dully

  2. Do they differ! Most certainly. I watch 90210 and Tori and Dean, yet I read books like Beloved and Memoirs of a Geisha. What a contrast!

  3. Howard - The writing in itself reads like an expository essay. And sometimes I get lost (my mind wanders) when going through family background information. I'd have to disagree with you on one count - My Lobotomy *is* a deep thought-provoking book. It's a memoir that I'm glad got published and am enjoying.

    Scrap girl - Oh, I love 90210 and Tori & Dean. (But I have to admit, I also read sToryspelling and want to read her newest book. LOL, they're my fluff books). I just find that reading crime books aren't nearly as fun as watching them on tv. :) (Oooh, and wasn't Beloved fantastic??)

  4. Hmm...I'm actually not sure how much they differ. To be honest I've barely watched any movies or series this past year or so :( I miss them. One thing I notice is that I'm much more prone to feeling I wasted my time with a movie I disliked than with a bad book. You'd think it'd be the opposite, since a movie takes about 2 hours to watch and a book a few days at least, but no.

  5. We have 10 days left of school (and then five days of post planning) and I CANNOT WAIT for it to be over. The kids have been crazy since Spring Break! Good luck with the end of your year. :)

  6. Nymeth - Are you choosing to give the tele and movies a break? I wish I didn't get suckered into the television. LOL. Some days I get home and all I want to do is veg in front of it. :P

    Jessi - I didn't realize you taught too! Whew. I can't wait until summer. And soon you'll be in NY. Can't wait to hear about your experience. :)


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