Sunday Salon (06/07)

Hey there Saloners! I have so very little to contribute in the blogging community this week. In fact, I cleared out my google reader last night so I could start fresh this morning. The number of unread posts were astronomical - yikes! And, although part of me felt guilt for not at least perusing through them, a larger part of me (and obviously the side that won out) thought that it was incredibly insane to even attempt perusing through them. We've all been there, right?
I had so many events going on this week, I barely go in a hundred pages total from last Sunday.
The kids last day of school was Wednesday -WHOOT! And proceeding that we hosted the End of the Year celebration, which brought about fifty people to our house. That turned into a long night (you would be surprised knowing the endurance teachers can put forth at a party when they know the school year is over!).
Thursday and Friday were our post-planning days. A lot of packing and moving since everyone pretty much as reassigned rooms. This totally stunk because I have, easily, 4 bookshelves filled with YA books in my classroom, a library I have been working hard on over the past year. Boxing those up?! Not the most fun in the world. Plus, why are books so heavy? I mean, really.
Oh and Friday was my birthday! **happy dance** I got gift certificates to sell.
This coming week it's my goal to finish American Gods and Blankets. Both of which I started before this hectic week. Tomorrow I'll be tubing down a river for a good five hours. I imagine I can get quite a bit of reading done then.
OK. I'm off to pour another cup of coffee and read how everyone else's morning has gone.
Happy reading!


  1. Your life sounds idyllic this week. I was jealous about the tubing down the river! I can't believe your schools have broken up so early. In England, we don't break up until the middle of July. Have a great week.

  2. It's been years since I went tubing. That sounds so wonderful! I hope your next week is not so hectic!

  3. We've definitely all been there. Happy belated birthday! I look forward to your thoughts on both Blanks and American Gods.

  4. Scrap girl - the tubing was awesome. Although now I'm burnt.

    Amanda - Thanks for the well wishes. :)

    Nymeth - Aww thanks! :) I got to read about 100 pages yesterday in the river. For the record, I don't want to finish it. LOL.


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