Sunday Salon (06/28)

Hey there Sunday Saloners! I almost missed today's Sunday Salon. How, you might ask? (Humor me will ya?) Because I totally forgot it was Sunday. It's true. I had to wake up early this morning to attend a training. It's actually a week long Summer Institute which will end on Thursday. So I ask, who begins workshops on Sunday? I think it's a conspiracy to trick us.

And speaking of conspiracy - what is up with all of these famous people dying this week? (Throw a bone, infomercials *can* make some people famous). It's been the biggest buzz by the water cooler. And once again educator gods, thanks, cuz I got to hang out by the water cooler today!

Really, I'm (sorta) done with my pout session.

I did bring my book along today. After the morning sessions, the team met in the afternoon to reconvene and discuss goals for next year. Our site team sped through the day's objective and had about forty minutes to kill. I had my book tucked in my bag and it took all discipline not to bring it out. Colleague of mine, and fellow reader, sat next to me and we had a good chuckle coming up with ways to hide our book just so we could get some reading done.

It's funny because this evening while packing for tomorrow's session I started thinking about what it meant to not pull out my book. As a teacher, I encourage my students to read when they are done with their work. Yet, as a professional, I knew that it would be considered rude in the situation at hand to do just that. I get that there are different norms for different situations,so it led me to consider other times it might be inappropriate, or out of the norm, to read a book.

In college, I used to hang out at this coffeehouse/bar, which was much more like a bar in the evening time, and I would bring my Norton Anthology and read in the dim light the miniscule print because I had a lot of homework, but still wanted the interaction with my friends. After reading for an hour or so, I would take a break and move to a table and socialize a bit. I would do that the whole night. It worked for me. Looking back though, I'm probably one of the few people that have gone to a (crowded at times) bar to read for hours on end.

How about you? Have you, or do you read a book that seems to be out of the ordinary?


  1. I'm not sure how out of the ordinary it was, but everyone thought I was pretty weird when I would read in the breakroom during lunch back at my job in Wisconsin.

  2. Yeah, everyone thinks it's pretty weird that I always spend my lunch break reading. It's not just the reading time (though I love that), it's that I need the silence - the break from being around people and talking and interacting. Otherwise I feel drained.

  3. I read whenever I want to read. Although I am a student so doing anything but studying is encouraged.


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