Vampire Loves

Title: Vampire Loves
Author: Joann Sfar
Pub Date: 2006
Pages: 192
Genre: Young Adult, Graphic Novel

Vampire Loves is divided into four different vignettes all centered around an ancient and traditional vampire named Ferdinand ("Your style, kind of square and Nosferatu-like - it's far out.") who just broke up with his girlfriend, Liana, a gorgeous girl-plant part of the "tree-folk" community (She is a mandragora.). Ferdinand is heartbroken that Liana had an affair with his bestie, Michael Duffin, who is NOT a vampire, although he still drinks blood and is an expert of all this Occult. Lani (Liana) runs into the arms of The Tree Man for comfort after Ferdinand refuses to take her back. The Tree Man, of course, is in love with Lani. And Ferdinand? What happens to him in his rebound stage? The beautiful vampire, Asperine, comes across Ferdinand while nibbling on an unsuspecting sleeping gal, and obsessively falls in love with her. Asperine takes him home to listen to some music and enters busty Ritaline who Ferdinand is immediately attracted to.

If you haven't noticed this is very much a quirky little soap opera.

What I liked?

Overall this was a pretty fun read. There were some clever little references, and at times tongue-in-cheek humor. The illustrations were also colorful and bright.


I have to admit the time span that the vignettes covered threw me for a loop. It made the transition a bit awkward and in fact, I felt as though pages to the story were missing. (I even went back and re-read a couple of pages prior to the "new beginning" to see if I overlooked anything).


  1. This looks really fun, and my library has a copy! Thanks for the review :)

  2. Oooh this was fun! Hope you enjoy it.


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