Sunday Salon (July 19)

I cannot believe it's been nearly a week since I've been back from vacation; I feel as though I'm still playing catch up. Life, bills, blogs (lol) they just don't go into *freeze time* no matter what, do they?

I'm really excited about sharing some incredible books with everyone. I feel like I'm on this mad crazy awesome streak where everything that I pick up (or listen to, in the case of audios) has been absolutely freakin' terrific. In fact, the reason why I'm NOT going to write any reviews is because I want to get back to The Actor and the Housewife. Let me tell you, I had reservations about this one. I rolled my eyes at the premise - a Mormon mom and an actor defeating the impossible and forging a friendship. Really. Whatever. Did not think that I could suspend my belief whatsoever. But, I went ahead and picked it up from the library because *everyone* kept raving about it.


I am devouring it. Really. I'm beside myself and feel all antsy because I'm typing this Sunday Salon instead of falling helplessly back into the pages.

So, right quick, in order to wrap this up...

I won Julie & Julia this week from rockin' Sheila. (Seriously folks, if you haven't checked her out, you should. Her book club recently dressed up like queens & princesses and it made me utterly jealous).

And in case you haven't moseyed over there yet...cast your vote for your favorite blogs!

OK. I'm not coming back into the book blogging world until I finish The Actor and the Housewife. (Which, if I have my way, it will be done by this afternoon. Bwhahahahaha).

But before I leave, what book (recent or in the past) has been difficult for you to set aside, making other activities near impossible?


  1. I've never even heard of the Actor and the Housewife. Where have *I* been?

  2. I've seen a couple of great reviews of The Actor and The Housewife (and Austenland was so much fun). I'll have to give it a try - glad you're enjoying it!


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