Sunday Salon (Modge Podge)

Hey Saloners -
This is probably one of the latest-in-the-days I've ever done a SS. I've been running errands all week purchasing things for the classroom, taking care of things that I've overlooked, etc. I think the first of school is always a struggle. I love the novelty of a new group of students, but hate not knowing their names. And, I must be honest with you all - I am HORRIBLE with names. Trying to learn 110+ is overwhelming.
I also feel like I'm cheating in the book blogging world. The reviews that I've posted this week have all been prewritten and post-dated. I have a handful more coming up. It seems to be the only way I can manage my time right now, although I must say it doesn't strike me as authentic and I don't think that I like doing it this much. Still, the alternative is to not write the book reviews, which I can't bear either. I've found over the months of blogging that book reviewing causes the stories to stick with me a bit longer.
I'm catching up on bunches of starred posts or SS from this morning, and since I don't have anything worthwhile to share, I thought I'd link you guys to places that do!
Amanda over at Zen Leaf is discussing memes in the book blogging community this Sunday. Do you meme? (Can I even use meme as a verb?) How do you feel about memes? Sometimes, is enough enough? Go over there and check out her thoughts and others...
Amy at My Friend Amy asked her readers what type of themes in literature draw you in. It was really interesting to read what everyone wrote. Amy was on a roll with good questions this week. In another posts, she asked if it was important to have likable characters. I love both topics so much that I might have to borrow them for a full fledge post in the future! Yay Amy!
Kay over at Infinite Shelf posted some great cat covers. Representin'!
And finally, Susan over at Bloggin' 'Bout Books wrote an open letter to Shannon Hale.


  1. I applaud any of you teachers for doing what you do. I couldn't do it. Good luck learning everyone's names.

    Dont' worry about the postdating thing. Half my August reads I read early in the month and postdated because I wanted to try to concentrate on my writing a bit more in the second half.

  2. I don't think it's cheating to pre-write posts! :)

  3. I often pre write posts as otherwise my blog would just disintegrate in chaos. I hope your next few weeks are good at school and that work gets a little easier.

  4. I pre-write posts too, except lately I haven't had time for that! I'm just trying to get things up.

    I hope the beginning of school goes well for you!

  5. All of you have made me feel less guilty to my pre-writes! Thanks. :))

  6. Oh, I'm horrible at names too. I still struggle with names of a few people in my class, even though I've studied with them for a couple of years (I can see you gasp).
    And there is nothing wrong in scheduling posts, I do it because I like my posts to be up at a specified time. Hope school goes well for you!


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