Skinny Bitch

Title: Skinny Bitch
Author: Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin
Pub Date: 2005
Pages: 224
Genre: Non Fiction, Health & Diet

I'm a little late and behind the times reading Skinny Bitch. Generally, I don't think of myself as one who reads (fad) diet books or even health books outside of the social commentary on health/weight issues. Still, Skinny Bitch kept coming up in from the far back end of my brain that I finally checked it out of the library.

For those of you that are into diet books, what I did immediately notice about this one is the tone. The authors voices are very conversational, which I personally enjoyed. It read as if we were hanging out drinking organic green tea (their suggestion of course, I'm a mad coffee drinker) and they were sharing their health conscious views.

With that being said, I am very much the antithesis of their ideal food muncher. Within the first couple of chapters I kept a nodded list of things that they would chastise me about:

Can't wake up in the morning without your morning coffee? Bad. Very. Bad. No Coffee for you!

Like your diet soda? *cringe*

Take advil or advil for headaches? Uh hello, I work with twelve year olds. A whole bunch of them. Hell to the ya I need an advil every now and again.

And yes, perhaps the worst of them all, every now and again people I admit, I crave steak.

I think the only thing that they would cheer me on about is that I despise milk. Always have, always will.

Freedman & Barnouin do make valid points in most of their arguments. For example, outside of health reasons, their concern about the ill treatment of animals is a large part of their stand for a vegetarian lifestyle. I have to admire that.

I think that Freedman & Barnouin have the right attitude and their book doesn't not suggest a "diet" in the sense of a short period of time to lose a few pounds. This is one of the only books that I've read that truly expect a full lifestyle change. Kudos to all of those who can make such drastic alterations. Me? I think I'll still drink my coffee and pop those advils.


  1. This book - the tone, the cover, the title, the politics - just irritates me without even having read it. I'm totally turned off of it. I don't normally read any sort of nonfic diet books, but I definitely wouldn't want to read this.

    I actually love milk. I would have an easier time giving up chocolate than milk. I used to drink through several gallons a week when I was a teenager. Then again, I don't drink soda, coffee, tea, or pretty much anything but milk, water, and OJ...

  2. Hm, yah, I don't think I could really get behind this either.

  3. Thank u :-) look at that emo boy style on this blog:


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