The Principals of Uncertainty

Title: The Principals of Uncertainty
Author: Maira Kalman
Pub Date: 2007
Pages: 336
Genre: graphic novel, memoir-ish

The Principals of Uncertainty is like no other graphic novel I have read. It is literary, political, philosophical, and artistic. Plus, it's very much stream of consciousness, which I love, and very rarely find.

I cannot remember how I stumbled upon this book; but I ended up checking it out of the library a couple of weeks ago. Whereas most graphic novels I breeze through (for good reasons, not because of any lesser than _______ reason) this one I wanted to savor. Kalman does a phenomenal job posing questions and thoughts about life in a mixed media, well, I only wanted to read a couple of pages a night. (You'll see spotlights of Shakespeare, Goethe, her family, friends, and strangers).

Can I just say that the book is about nothing and everything all at once? Also, unbeknownst to me when I checked this book out, Kalman is a NYT's writer. You can check out her opinion column here (Really. Click. You'll be able to see some of her work!)

I think that it is best to just share some of the pages from The Principals of Uncertainty to convince you to check it out!


  1. What a strange book...I like some of those pages but not others...hm...

  2. This looks so cool! I want it NOW! lol

  3. Amanda - That's interesting. I'm curious to find out which ones you didn't like!

    Eva - Definitely. Run out and get it. :))

  4. Wow! This looks/sounds amazing!

  5. Ohhh.. lovely! This is just my kind of book. Thanks!!


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