Title: Blindspot
Author: Kevin C. Pyle
Pub Date: 2005
Pages: 96
Genre: Graphic Novel, Young Adult
Challenges: GN, YA, New Authors

I don't think I really liked this book all that much. In fact, it was rather forgettable. I don't think that it was necessarily bad though. The artwork, after all, was pretty decent. It just wasn't a "me" book, but rather a book that I'll put on my shelves for my students and a couple of boys will check out. I just don't know if the boys will understand it because that's what I really struggled with the most.

So the premise is a boy moving from adolescence to adulthood. This progression takes the form in make-believe war games. In the beginning of the short story, our narrator likes to pretend he is in the military and his goofy friends plot out all of these secret missions (like stealing a neighbor's laundry item). In the middle of these military scenes we find our narrator dealing, or not dealing, with school his parents and even friends. But these scenes are so intermittent that it was difficult for me to even feel for him. I mean, there was this one scene where his parents are sending him to a shrink and I had no clue why. Because he was being moody? Because he had no interest in school? What?! I mean, how realistic is that??

Plus I just didn't really care about him or his life or whatever happened. So he stops playing war games and acts more "adult" and "normal" at the end?! What was the author trying to tell me? What was I suppose to feel?

Not a fan. I'd hit the pass on this one, peeps.


  1. Defintily not one for me. If you don't care about the characters, it makes it really hard to continue reading the book.

  2. It's too bad that there wasn't more info about what was going on in the story. I'll definitely pass on this one.


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