Mercy on These Teenage Chimps

Title: Mercy on These Teenage Chimps
Author: Gary Soto
Pub: Harcourt; 2007
Pages: 147
Genre: Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Humor
Rating: Try it
Extra: Sunshine State Book

Joey and Ronaldo are besties. They've known each other forever and hang out every day. They just turned thirteen and the craziest thing happened - they've turned into chimps. Okay. Well, not for realz chimps. But they sure as heck feel like chimps. You see, it's more figuratively speaking. Puberty onset, arms appear longer than body, ears stick out just so, the whole nine yards. And then the worst thing possible could happen: Joey gets embarrassed in front of his dream girl.

"Quit acting like such a monkey" the coach shouted while Joey climbed up the bleachers to capture the runaway balloon that Jessica lost grip of.

A monkey. If that's what everyone thought he was, then that's how he would live. The very next day, Joey climbs up the tree in the front of his house and decides that he's going to stay put. Ronaldo does not believe his best friend until he sees the truth. Joey has created a home up in the tree. Knowing he must help his bud out, he decides the only thing he can do is track down dream girl Jessica. Maybe if she tells Joey that he's not a monkey all will go back to normal.

This is a really quick fun read. If you have a reluctant reader this will probably pull them in. Especially a boy. It's not one of those books I'm gonna rave about, but I dig Soto, so sure check it out.

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