Dash & Lily

Title: Dash & Lily's Book of Dares
Author: Rachel Cohn; David Leviathan
Pub: Alfred Knopf (Random House); 2010
Pages: 260
Genre: Young Adult, Realistic Fiction

Yes, yes, yes, I realize that most everyone has already read Dash & Lily and those of you who have not at least know the plot line; BUT, because I ADORE David Leviathan as much as I do, (*ahem* I do admit to him that I was a huge giggly fangirl) I decided what's one more review.

So, Dash and Lily are both New Yorkians who have never met.  Except they kinda sorta have because Lily leaves a journal at The Strand (ginormous bookstore in NYC) and Dash finds it and they begin a correspondence through the journal.  Unusual correspondence leads both characters to do and go places that they would never have if they weren't encouraged (or dared...) by the other.

I totally dug the premise of this book.  Especially in our times where we interact SO MUCH with people that we don't actually know in this world of Real Life.  (*waves* to fellow bloggers).  The authors really pull off how what we write and what we think we're portraying could be completely different than what the other person sees, hears, and imagines.  Love it!  Plus, I also totally dug that when they met it wasn't all *huggsies* and *smooches*.

Also, can I tell you that I truly got both Dash AND Lily?!?  You know how sometimes there's characters that you lean more toward than the other?  Well, not here.  Not for me.  Sure, at first I was aaaallll about Dash.  He's a little snarky (heh) and didn't seem to be much of a traditionalist.  Plus, he really needs alone time.  So, I'm reading Dash and thinkin' to myself - Oh My Gawd!  He's like a male version of me.  But then, you know, he's not.  And really, at first Lily sorta bugged me out.  She seemed, I don't know, a wee bit theatrical.  Not in theatrical way that I wanted to call her a cow and punch her.  But definitely in the theatrical way that I'd probably not want to be around her for longer than fifteen minutes.  But then I found out she likes to carol the brownstones during christmas time and she has all of this optimism and strong family values.  I admit; her appeal grew.

Finally, this book has all of these little great gems of advice that I bet teens are reading and then going, "oh yeah, you know that's probably right".  Uh, hello!  Targeted audience, right?  I mean, I had Judy Blume, who was one hot author for a kid like me growing up, but it's not as though there were an abundance of authors OR books that made my teen years easier.

Want an example of great gem?  I know you do....

"I mean, like most guys, you carry around this girl in your head, who is exactly who you want her to be. The person who you think you will love the most. And every girl you are with gets measured against this girl in your head. So this girl with the red notebook - it makes sense. If you never meet her, she never has to get measured. She can be the girl in your head." (130)

For the record, the girl in my head is Johnny Depp.  Except when it's Sandra Bullock.

Now.  Quick. Run out and get this book.


  1. I never liked Lily as much as I liked Dash, but I really did enjoy this one. :)

  2. Ha, love this review! And I totally agree about Lily!

  3. it's already on my wish list.. but always glad for more good reviews!

  4. I liked it that Lily's family's perception of Dash made me consider him a different way -- when they said he was snarly, I kept rethinking Dash when I saw him interacting with other people and being slightly snarly. :p

    (Also very jealous of Lily making a Muppet Whatnot. That sounds really fun.)


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