Friday Five Illustrative Me!

This week I thought I would share five things about myself and - wait for it, wait for it, - actually include some pictures!  *gasp*  I know, right?  Look at me following through with my new year's resolution.

1.  D and I dress our cats (aka "kids") up for holidays.  You know: Christmas, Halloween, just for fun.  Sometimes they're not happy with us. 
This is Corki

This is Little Girl, but she's not that little.

This is Charley

2.  I fancy myself a little punk rock. *smile*  During my "off months" - summer - I dye my hair different colors.  Pink, purple, red.  This summer, I'm thinking blue.  I also have my eye brow pierced and three tattoos.


3.  I hate shoes.  Despise them.  Also, I cannot tell you the last time I wore sneakers.  I work out in flip flops or barefoot; I hike in flip flops; I wear sandals at work even during the winter; and even when we explored caves, I was in flip flops.
Last year or so ago, hiking.

4.  I love most animals. I feed them too.  I am especially fond of goats.

On vacation, in a park.
5. Trees are gorgeous.  It's my favorite part of nature.

South Florida, park.


  1. Fab post. Nice to get to know the real you. Love the hair. Your poor cats!LOL

  2. I want a picture of your face! :D

    I'm completely opposite you on the shoe thing, but I grew up in Texas where there are fire ants and snakes and scorpians everywhere. I won't even go around the house barefoot! I must at least have socks on.

  3. Your cats are looking stylish. Very nice!

  4. Love the cat pictures. We have three kitties too! I bought them all Halloween costumes this year and they HATED it. It was glorious. :)

    I love the hair. I don't think I have the guts to do color, even though I love wild colors on other people. I think I'm too much of a wuss.

    I love being barefoot! Which is a problem in Michigan...with the snow and all. :)

  5. OMG can you make this a weekly thing? :p I love posts like this so much and it was awesome to get to know you a little bit more. I LOVE your hair so much!!! And I'm just like you with shoes and animals and trees :) Love them so much!

  6. Or rather, DON'T love shoes so much and would much rather be in flip flops :p

  7. I second Chris! I love posts like this. I feel like I share so much about me (whether you guys like it or not!) but sometimes wish I knew YOU all better.

    Really? You work out in flip flops? That's hilarious. But I'm guessing you're not a big runner. ;) And agreed--trees are amazing--some of the most beautiful ones I saw were when I visisted Buenos Aires a few years ago. Really should have gotten some pictures!

  8. I like the stripy hair! It looks Seussian. :D And I am hugely impressed that you are able to work out in flip-flops. I like flip-flops as much as the next girl, but they start to hurt my toes after a while.

  9. I hate tennis shoes too! You'll only find them on my feet when/if I'm on the treadmill!

  10. great photos of the cats...lol


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