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Golden Globes, Baby! 

Squeal! A HUGE guilty pleasure of mine is to watch as many award shows as possible.  I mean, this is a real obsession guys.  D knows to turn on the television to Etv so I can watch the red carpet leading up the ceremony.  I comment, I gush, I pause and make her come back into the room to watch what I just saw.  The fact that Ricky Gervais is the host makes it even better.  And the cherry on my sundae?  Uh, Johnny Depp.  Whoot.  If there are two celebrities that I crush on the most it's Johnny Depp and Sandra Bullock.  Will anyone else be watching them?

Game ON!

Today marks the first day of four weeks in which I am participating in the Game On competition.  D finds this hysterical because I am not competitive in the least.  HOWEVER, knowing that I have people counting on me in a team puts just the right pressure I need to stay motivated.  There are two teams participating:  Team Metamorphosis, which includes me, Amanda, Allie, and Trisha; and Team Hunger Artists, which includes Jason, Lu, Amy, and Jenn.  (Props for Amanda & Jason for our Kafka inspired names).  I'm mostly looking forward to breaking the bad habit of putting salt on my food.  Gawd knows there's enough sodium in America's processed diet naturally.

TBR Dare

So far I've been quite good and have only read from my TBR shelves.  It sorta helps that I have not put myself in any vicinity of a bookstore (although Borders is still having their tent sale...).  Also, my reading has been so syrupy slow this month.  I don't see my reading time increasing so I'll at least make the dare 'til the end of January.  February will be its own conquest.

Previous Postings

  • Monday's Short Story was "The Most Dangerous Game" except for some reason it didn't post on Monday. :-/ .  Oh well, in case you missed it, my review is here.  
  • Friday Five's topic this week was books that I would really like to reread.  

Reading Roundup 

Books, Finished

  • Reading Women : How the Great Books of Feminism Changed My Life by Stephanie Staal 

Books, Continued

  • The Woman in White by Wilkie Collin

Books, Beginning

  • A Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft 


  1. You definitely must get competitive for the next four weeks! Especially as your three team members are all VERY competitive. :D

  2. Remember, we must crush Team Hunger Artists or die trying! :)

  3. I am with you for the Golden Globes. Only I am going to have to record them to watch tomorrow, as it doesn't start till 2.00am here.

  4. Part of me wants to watch the Golden Globes but the other part realizes I have to read 200 pages if I want to participate in my book club meeting tomorrow at lunch. NEED to get off the computer!! ;) But haven't been on all week... LOL!

    Good luck with the Game On! You guys crack me up with your smack talk.

  5. I watch all the awards shows. :) I might just DVR them tonight, since I have a lot of other things I want to get done while I am feeling productive. We'll see though, I can't resist the celebs. :)

    I just want to tell you that I have been peeing every 30 minutes. I don't like it.

    The Woman in White really starts to pick up in the middle-to the point that I am having a hard time putting it down. I hope it picks up for you soon!

  6. Good luck on both the diet AND the TBR dare! I'm sure you have much more discipline than I do with both of those, lol.

  7. I like watching awards shows (because of the pretty dresses), but I can't stand Ricky Gervais. I was just looking through a slideshow of beautiful dresses from the Golden Globes -- I both covet Leighton Meister's dress and know that it would look terrible on me.

  8. Did you end up watching the whole show? I had to fall asleep before it ended because I had school today. What did you think of the show?

  9. My husband is in London this week so I had the TV to myself last night - I had the GG's on. It was fun to see the fashion and it felt like a fun celebration.

    Love your TBR challenge!


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