Die For Me - May 10, 2011

Title: Die For Me (ARC via NetGalley)
Author: Amy Plum
Pages: 352
Pub: May10, 2011; Harper Teen
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance

The Short of It

Repetitive dying obstacle for love?

The Long of It

After a tragic accident, sixteen year old Kate and older sister are sent to Paris to live with their grandparents.  Unlike her sister, who deals with her grief by actively pursuing the club scene, Kate visits an array of cafes, bringing her cherished books with her for company.  It is at one of these cafes that Kate sees Vincent for the first time. Vincent, however, is not a mortal.  Known as a Revenant, Vincent gives up his life over and over again in order to save the lives of others.

The Thoughts about It

Immediately after typing [paraphrase] “They meet.  They fall in love. He’s not human” did you have reminiscent moments of Twilight? If so, DON’T STOP READING.  Not that I didn’t enjoy my little Twilight drama whilst it hit middle school hallway, Die For Me is utterly clever.  I truly adored the mythos that Plum created within this community of Revenants.  And seriously, what an imaginative idea!  Revenants, when alive, were such altruistic individuals that when they died giving their life for someone else, they became immortal continuing that cycle. 

And s’okay, . . if there are good heroes there must be a nemesis, right?  (Nemeses? Nemisi?) The evil-doers, not to nab Dubya’s famous words, sole purpose is to cause death.

But you know what is THE COOLEST about Die For Me and why I am going to promote this with my eager students who salivate at any paranormal love story? Kate is SUCH a cool kitten.  I mean, whereas the argument with Bella (Twilight again, yo) was her drop-every-thing-for-the-boy-she-lurves mentality, Kate is LEVEL-HEADED.  I mean, she thinks about CONSEQUENCES.  And SHE READS.  Kate is completely someone who I would want to be (friends with?) in high school. 

This is not a “wah, my parents died and now let me fall in love with someone because I am weak and need a man to take care of me” character.  Nope. Not here.  So, fantastic story line AND a fantastic female lead?  Yes please!

Sign me up a couple of class copies and to be on the waiting list for the sequel. 

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  1. Thanks for an interesting recommendation! I read the first 2 of the Twilight series and lost interest, but your comparison of Kate and Bella makes this one sound like a good choice.


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