Magnolia League - Out May 3

Author: Kate Crouch
Pages: 368
Pub: May 3, 2011; Hachette
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Etc: ARC from Net Galley

The Short of It

Southern gris-gris makes for fulfilled debutantes.

The Long of It

Alex ‘s life took a tumultuous turn when her mother dies in an unexpected car crash causing her to leave the commune that she has loves and the boy that she’s been involved with to the slow Southern culture of Savannah. And as if that isn’t bad enough, her wealthy grandmother who expects her to refer to her as Miss Lee, expects her to carry on the family legacy and become a Magnolia.  The Magnolias are the most desired and elite group in Savannah. But they have secrets of their own…their enchantment might be a little bit more than natural beauty.

The Thoughts about It

This book immediately caught my attention.  Firstly, I love the cover.  And I know that most authors don’t have the opportunity to choose the cover, but I’m a lame-o and of course I judge a book by its cover and WOW haunting, right?  And then it’s in Savannah, which is such an amazing small town with gorgeous scenary and tons of history to boot.  FINALLY, there’s a bit of dark magic and a lesson between hoodoo and voodoo?!  It didn’t take me long to get sold on this one.

Which is why I am only mildly pleased.  The Magnolia League wasn’t a no-hitter, but it doesn’t earn homerun status for me either.  (And uh, dude, where did the baseball terms come from?)

I think what frustrated me the most about the story wasn’t the story itself, but the main character, Alex.  Quite frankly, I just didn’t really like her.  I wouldn’t want to hang out with if I was her age and so I just can sympathize with her problems that much.  I’m all about saving the environment and what haves but even I grew annoyed with her soap box stance on SUVs, purchasing clothes, and so forth.

Alex’s mother’s story interests me. She escapes the history and legacy of the Magnolias.  I want to know HOW.  I hope that the sequel indulges this curiosity.  


  1. I have this one from Net Galley too. I am worried I won't enjoy it. Eeek!

  2. LOL.. I can see the GO green stance getting old. Besides that sounds like a decent read.

  3. I'm in the mood for some good Southern fiction -- and YA set in the South seems to be hard to find! Not sure I'd bond with these characters, but that cover is gorgeous!


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