peace, love, and rubber ducks

Author:  Lauren Myracle
Pages: 289
Pub: 2009; Penguin
Genre: Young Adult, Realistic

The Short of It

Baby sister isn’t the baby anymore.

The Long of It

Carly, the older sister by one year, returns from her summer trip helping the environment.  Her parents might secretly think she’s a hippie or cause seeker.  Upon her return, her newest decision was to stop shaving her legs.  Anna is entirely opposite.  Even though she’s younger only by one year, she’s definitely the baby and princess in the family.  Anna also fits in with the country club lifestyle that their parents provide (Carly snubs her nose at it and throws out how much money could be going to the homeless).  Regardless of their differences, Carly and Anna have always been close.  Except now their roles are changing as their personalities become more definite.

The Thoughts about It

Okay, here’s the unfortunate thing about this book, and probably something that separates me from the teens out there.  This cover just screams cutesy and fluffy writing.  And guys, IT’S NOT.  Don’t get me wrong, it still is a great book to read at the beach, or curled up on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee BUT it’s not shallow.  And to me, the cover gave me some tummy somersaults.  I went ahead and dove in because we were going on a car trip and I figured there was no better time.  I am SO glad that I did.  Seriously. 

peace, love, and baby ducks was a perfect mix of realistic sisterly strife and individual teens growing into their personalities.  There were fights and obnoxious moments when I wanted to pull one of them aside and shout: are you kidding me?!  Aw and there was love and friendships.  And let’s not forget the funnies.

In this case, I’m glad I didn’t judge the book by the cover.  And I’m thrilled knowing that the cover will have teen appeal because this is a read that will surely be enjoyed by many.

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