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Guys!  I only have two more weeks before school starts.  Two. More. Weeks.  It seems so short! The new year is going to be knocking on my door in no time.  And YA'LL (!) I've already begun the school dreams.  Two nights ago, I had THE WORST nightmare.  I started the school year and had the same kids as last year.  This wasn't a problem because I didn't have a good year.  In truth, last year's group were one of my faves.  Nope, it was a nightmare because I kept trying to tell administration that they PASSED an no one would listen to me.  Heh.  

Also I've been on a Jazzercise and Zumba kick.  I am amazed out how quickly I've become somewhat coordinated.  Seriously.  I can trip over my own feet.  And I do.  Often.  Aaaaannndd...I officially completed the beginner's bellydancing course.  This means I'm promoted to section two.  I don't know if I'll be able to do it this up and coming session because of my Fall schedule but they have a belly dance cardio class that I might try out.

I haven't really be reading that much.  Dude! It is so freakin' hot out there isn't it?  And the humidity is scorching! Man alive, it's hard to stay motivated when all I want to do is lay around and watch television.  If I do go outside I immediately feel the need to take a solid nap.

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  1. We have three weeks until school starts again (Aug 22nd) and I'm so excited for the boys to be back at school again. This vacation right now is really helping - it means by the time we get back I'll only have two weeks left, and I know I can survive that since i survived six before we left. I think we need to do something like this every year...

  2. I've got three weeks until I go back to work so I totally feel for you. The teacher dreams have not yet begun, but mine usually involve me trying to teach in the Roman Colleseum filled with thousands of students ands none of them will listen to me!

  3. Aw - I hope you manage to make the most of the next two weeks at least!

    Tris & Izzie has the most gorgeous cover ever. I confess that I want it for that alone.

  4. I have threeish weeks before starting up again at the new job. I'm slightly nervous for this one!

    It has been humid like all hell up here. I mean, it was HOT down there and then we got up here and it was the middle of a heat wave. I live in the north so I don't have to deal with heat. :)

    And I love that last cover. So beautiful.

  5. We started back this week with a little halfday camp for kids who need a little back-to-school boost. Very relaxed and low-key. Nice way to get back into the school groove.

    It's hot here, too. Whew. I always forget how hot it is in August and September.


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