Title: Sleepwalkers
Author: Gabriel Gates
Pages: 336
Pub: 2011; HCI
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian, Horror
Etc: via Netgalley

The Short of It

Man man controls sleepwalkers to kill.

The Long of It

Caleb receives a cryptic letter from a childhood friend begging him to return to his hometown and rescue her.  Enlisting his best friend for help, he finds Christine locked up in a mental asylum.  Caleb decides to ask around after he finds his father missing.  As it turns out, his father isn’t the only one that’s disappeared.  Many of the town’s children have vanished, and rather than ask questions, the townfolk look the other way.  Caleb is confronted by his worst fears as he uncovers the mystery that lies in Hudsonville, Florida.

The Thoughts about It

Aiight.  There were some parts of this book that just didn’t do it for me.  The writing seemed almost like Mad Libs, the dystopian/horror version.  Standard scenes accumulated in pages with fill in the blank adjectives.  BUT somewhere in the novel, the author managed to hook me, because I stayed up way past desired to finish.

And seriously?  The idea of hypnotized child sleepwalkers invading your home and overpowering you definitely falls in the Stephen-King-creepness.  I and dig me some horror that can kinda be plausible.  I mean, hello?  Children of the Corn,much?  Plus, by the time you get to the end, you realize that there was so much more to this story than what you initially thought.  AND THAT is very cool.

The only downer? I didn’t really care for Caleb’s best friend.  I mean, I can’t even remember his name, even though he was in more than half of the book. 

Sleepwalkers is definitely a great read for the month of October!


  1. That is some kind of creepy! And that can completely obscure not-so-awesome writing for me too. :)

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