Cryer's Cross

Title: Cryer's Cross
Author: Lisa McMann
Pages: 233
Pub: Simon Pulse, 2011
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal

First, I truly love a good ghost story.  The problem with ghost stories however is MOST of them aren't that good.  It's a real easy downward spiral from being creepy and believable to over the top and b-flickish.*

And I was a bit nervous about this one.  But there's more haunting and less spooking so it was fantastic!

Kendall lives in a small town. (I pictured Little House on the Prairie, but not so pious?) Everyone knows everyone else, so when a sixteen year old goes missing the whole town joins together.  Tiffany is never found.

There's a small schoolhouse which includes all grades, so Kendall is constantly reminded of her missing friend.  And it's even a bit enhanced by her OCD, which was handle smashingly.**  THEN her boyfriend, Nico, disappears months later. Uh, something pretty freakin' weird is going on in the CC.  So it makes perfect sense when new boy Jacien moves into town with his family he is immediately questioned.  Who would have thought that after Kendall begins to notice odd things going on that Jacien is the only one that believes her.  (Oh who am I kidding?!  OF COURSE we knew that would happen.  What's better than a paranormal read other than a paranormal read with ROMANCE).

Here's the thing that I loved the most. And aren't you going to be surprised when I say it's not the paranormal or highly-involved thriller aspect of the story.  Nope.  It was the realism of it.  You know, besides the missing folk and town clues.

Check it out.  Kendall has been with Nico ALL HER LIFE.  The are in Lurrrvvee and destined to get married because that's what folks do in this town.  Who cares that she is only sixteen.  So when he goes missing and she finds herself attracted to Jacien, well, hello. Of course I'm cheering her on, but she's so guilt ridden over her disloyalty to Nico.  Two thumbs up for not forgetting about your young love before moving on to a new boy.

Also, once again.  Hello to the ocd-ness.  I think it's awesome that her disorder(?) dysfunction (?) lifestyle (?) isn't the center.  Uh hello to three-dimensionalism.  Believe it or not, when not in extremes, people carry on and live normal lives.  Mostly.  I refer to them as my ticks.  And sure they get exacerbated when I'm stressed.  But they're well-hidden and only those who either live with me or I choose to tell would know.

Evidently McMann has also written a trilogy.  The WAKE trilogy?  Has anyone read it?  Is it good?

* Is there a term for a book that has the same cheesy elements as a B-Flick movie? 
** Coming from someone who HAS ocd, I decree it so.


  1. Here's what you need to know about the Wake trilogy. The writing is nearly identical to Cryer's Cross. I love Lisa McMann's stories and I always read them, but her writing is really terrible, so I always end up giving these books three stars. However, if the writing didn't bug you at all in this one, you might enjoy the Wake trilogy too. I enjoyed all of these, though none of them were particularly memorable. The Wake trilogy also make fantastic readathon books because there's a lot of white space on each page and the book is actually a lot shorter than the page count looks. :D You can easily read one in less than 2 hours.

  2. Thanks so much Amanda! Maybe I'll check them out from the library. :)

  3. I really liked the trilogy but was not at all fond of Cryer's Cross. :)


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