Beneath the Meth Moon

Title: Beneath a Meth Moon
Author: Jacqueline Woodson
Pub: 2012; Nancy Paulsen
Pages: 192
Genre: Young Adult; Realistic; Coming of Age
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Am I the only person out here in the bloggerverse who has not read a book by Woodson?  I fully expect to hear the sound of crickets. Of course I know I'm being histrionic.  But only slightly.  'Cuz seriously, how many of you guys have raved about Locomotion and Woodson's "lyrical" writing.

And she didn't really disappoint me.  Beneath a Meth Moon is a really quick read and yeah, I can see how people would refer to her writing as lyrical.  This quick little book read more like a poem rather than prose, although let me be straight, it is not written in poem format.  It's just we get the essence of the plot rather than the details.  We get the feelings that went along with the loss and betrayal and frustration and aloneness that occurs when addicted to a drug.  (Or addicted to anything?)

Here's the thing, though, if I'm gonna be honest.  And I am cuz this is where I get to voice my thoughts.  Beneath a Meth Moon is a full-force-read-in-one-sitting kinda novel.  BUT it is also one that can easily be forgettable.  As I see it, I read this book two days ago and am writing this review on vague notions rather than solid meaty depth.

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  1. I haven't read her yet either, so you are not the very last person. :)


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