52 Small Changes

Title: 52 Small Changes
Author: Brett Blumenthal
Pub: Amazon Encore; 2011
Pages: 360
Genre: Non Fiction, Self Improvement, Health & Fitness
Etc: Received from publisher.  Thanks!

I'm a sufferer from self-improvement, which means, if there's a magazine article I can read or a book to skim that gives me tiny tidbits of this will HELP facts, I'm sold.  Seriously.  I will randomly text friends with little lessons like: put lotion on your legs before you shower to secure the moisture and prevent drying.  Amongst other gems, of course.

Soooo, when I was contacted to review this book I jumped up and down.  Sorta.  Mentally at least.  What makes this book a product unlike other self-improvement books that stock the shelves at the beginning of the year?  This book is all about the process.

Which I can dig.  Respect the process.

Each "chapter" is a small change that you can make in your life to improve it.  It's not an all-of-a-sudden-fix-it.  It's sorta like, brush your teeth with your opposite hand to create new brain patterns (1), kinda book.  But there's more DETAIL.  Like, each "chapter" gets a couple of pages showing the how-to (if necessary) and the why.

I love that the first change for the first week was WATER.  Drink up man.  We forget how dehydrated we are.  How many times have I felt fatigue and it immediately subsides after I have a nice cold glass of water.  Sure, it's not always the cure.  Nothing is.  But most of the time it helps.  The first week reinforced one of my new year's resolutions....to always have a water bottle with me.  At. All. Times.

This week's self-improvement goal is to get your sleep.  Man, I need this reminder.  I've been beyond exhausted this weekend.  In fact yesterday, D and I were suppose to go to see the newest Sherlock Holmes, but I ended up taking a nap.  Then upon waking up from nap, I was groggy, thus went to bed a few short hours later.

Bottom line, it's the beginning of the year and we can all include some small (reasonable) changes.  A book of change indeed.


  1. This book sounds great. I love the idea of breaking things down into small changes. Small changes I can handle, it's the big ones that I find daunting.

  2. Ooh I like the idea of small changes, and these are all things I've actually thought about recently. BTW, that lesson about putting lotion on BEFORE shaving... I learned that from a friend a couple years ago because I could not figure out why my legs itched so much after shaving, LOL.

    I do believe, though, that water cures almost all, haha. Every time I'm not feeling well I think "oh I need water" and it's almost always true. Sleep is also something I've thought about a lot lately. Anyway, sounds like a great self-help book!!

  3. Small changes work for me, so this is something I would like. :)

    I've been trying to drink more water (I have my bottle right next to me right now). I'm slowly trying to give up Diet Coke, but I know if I stop drinking it cold turkey I'll have massive headaches. :)

  4. YES! Downloading this right flipping now. I, too, am a self-improvement addict. Can't tell you just how filled my bookmarks folder is with articles on "how to do this NOW." Can't wait to read this-- thanks so much!

  5. I've been seeing this one around and I really like the idea of it! Sometimes people try to do too much change at one time and it's overwhelming and rarely sticks. Little things...baby steps!

    I'm great at drinking water during the week when I'm at work because I always have a bottle of water with me but need to be better on the weekends.

  6. I agree, if you make changes that are small but consistent this seems totally doable. What a great sounding book!

  7. I want this book but my library didn't have it :( This is totally how I approached my resolutions this year and I'm having fairly good success. One of mine is water too.


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