Me and You

Title: Me and You
Author: Niccolo Ammahiti
Pages: 192
Pub: 2012; Grove 
Genre: Literary Fiction; Novella 
Etc: via Netgalley

Whoah craziness guys! You know how there are certain movies out there (I'm looking at you David Lynch) where you're watching them and half of the time you're wondering what's going on while the other halftime you're riveted and SO SURE of yourself?

Well.  That's ALMOST what it was like reading Me and You.  It's the oddness of David Lynch without any dancing midgets.

Lorenzo is a fourteen year old oddball.  He has no friends and is partially okay with being Mr. Anti-Social.  Except, he seems really close with his mom.  And by really close, I mean REALLY close.  There was no grossness there, folks, so I have to wonder if their level of intimacy is more of a Italian thing...and by that,  I hope not to offend because I'm waving the ignorant American flag...but Lorenzo has a couple of thoughts that just seem a bit Oedipul.  But perhaps all of that affection that raised red flags for me is nothing more than my stuffy Americanisque ways...like, I don't think I've ever thought about the smell of my mother?  Missing her smell on a trip away from home.  Or holding my mother's hand and having a passing thought of "oh this is what it would be like if I was involved".  But there was no ewwiness to be sited, and in fact the dysfunction that does occur is quite suited for my American brain.

I feel that I might have embarrassed myself by that paragraph,but none the less will continue.

Soooo, Lorenzo lies to the parental figures about going away for the week skiing with friends that he doesn't have but his parents wished he did.  After telling this big lie, he must cover up.  Which essentially means avoiding the house for a week and hiding out in the cellar.  He's pretty much stoked about it, actually.  No showering, yummy Nutella sandwiches, and Stephen King's Salem's Lot to keep him company.  What's not to dig?

But then the unexpected happens.  His estranged half sister joins him.  And by unexpectedly I mean it's 2AM and snowing outside and she's BEGGING him to let her stay the night in this cozy little hideaway.  

This completely ruins his isolated plans.  And what began as one night, turns into a couple and a whole new discovery takes place.  For him.  And for his sister.

The whole sibling thing was an interesting dynamic.  Since you know, they weren't close or anything.  Both are sorta disturbed and selfish and it manifests itself differently.  Neither are very LIKABLE characters, which is pretty interesting because you're not sure if you should be rooting for them, or wishing for their demise.

At best, it's a realistic piece of work.  At worst, it's just sorta out there and questionable.  I can however see it becoming a movie.


  1. Hmm, I hadn't heard of this one before, but using the David Lynch comparison gave me a good idea. Like you, I would have to blame "my stuffy Americanisque ways" for not really understanding such closeness. Can't say I'll be picking this one up, but loved your review!

  2. So apparently I need to look up David Lynch. Sounds like in the end this one was just kind ick?


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