TSS - Mind Over Migraine

Howdee hey fellow readers!

This week I've been battling a monstrous migraine that has left me all twitchy for days on end.  It started the day of our field trip to the history center.  [So much fun, yo! Had a friend help chaperone and the kids ate him up...in a good way.  He loved it!]  That was on Tuesday.  Rather than toast a good field trip at our hang out, I went home and slept.  Wednesday, the onslaught continued.  Thursday was touch and go until the basketball game that evening.  If you can imagine, a court filled with opposing middle school teams, passionate parents, and a kids cheering section.  Once again, I passed on the victory drinks and went home to sleep.  And you know, here's the thing about headaches.  They're exhausting! I slept most of Saturday, not because I was feeling any pain, but because I was tuckered out from the pounding.

So, I don't really have much for you in terms of bookish shenanigans.  So, check out this website that I found and wish I was one of those rich folks who could just click and order whatever jumps their bones.

The Reading Catalog.

Also and finally, I updated my side bar for the Roots readalong to show the participants and schedule.  There's still time to join in folks.  Just drop me an e-mail or a comment.  I'm totally intimidated!


  1. Oh I'm so sorry about your headaches. But you have got to be one of the most dedicated and caring teachers. I really admire you for your passion.

    Hope today is a relaxing one for you.

  2. Oh my gosh, if I'd had a week long headache, I would have NOT have gone into work! I partially want to go 'you naughty girl, you should have stayed home and looked after yourself', and then on the other hand I'm also thinking 'you're so amazing and dedicated!' So, yeah, both of those things.

  3. Aww, hope you're feeling better today. I could spend way too much money at The Reading Catalog.

  4. I feel you on the migraines. :/ I get them all the time, so I know how they can take you out.

    Have you tried ice? Whenever I get a headache, I make two little ice packs. Since I get a lot of tension in my neck, I wrap one around my neck, then put the other on my forehead over my eyes. I usually try to fall asleep and let the ice numb my head. It works almost every time. :)

    Feel better!

    (And I am excited for Roots!!)

  5. I'm so sorry Christina :( I'm had one myself this week and it's god awful :( Wish we could just lay down and have a bitch session :p Feel better soon dear!!!!

  6. You poor thing! Poor you! Migraines are horrible. I hope you are healed soon!


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