Because I Am Furniture

Author: Thalia Chaltas
Pages: 368
Pub: 2010; Speak
Genre: Young Adult, Realistic, Verse

The Short of It

Being ignored can be abusive too.

The Long of It

Anke lives in a tumultuous world.  Her father is abusive to everyone in the household except her.  Immediately you can see her struggle between not wanting the abuse, but then still wishing that she was at least acknowledged, even if that means, being abused.  Anke also has a problem with the silence.  Why isn’t anyone talking about what is happening?  Why are your siblings and mom remaining silent?

The Thoughts about It

The novel is told in verse and I absolutely loved it.  I thought that Anke’s story is told sensitively and realistically.  I think it’s important that she acknowledged that she was being ignored. She knows her sister is being sexually abused and part of her is frustrated because it’s not her. 

What’s even crazier is NO ONE in her family even talks about what’s going on.  How crazy is that?  In fact, Anke is the only one who is willing to let the family secret out. 

Because I can’t do it justice, let part of the novel do so:

It just occurred to me. It’s her choice.Yaicha chooses not to tell anyoneAnd Darren does too and Mom. Am I the only one bothered by this?I meanbothered enough to think about it? So all the pressure is on me,the Youguest and Most Bothered.or maybe I am justoutside enough,being the footstool observing from the corner,that I have a view of reality.
 And I can’t stand it anymore. Why me?I don’t need this crap.


  1. What a strange dynamic this family has! I've never read a book in verse but I'm curious about it. It seems to a hot thing right now.

  2. Sounds really intriguing! Not sure I've read a novel written in prose.

  3. I loved this one too. So sad but an important book all the same.


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