Born At Midnight

Title: Born at Midnight
Author: CC Hunter
Pub: 2011; St. Martin Griffin's
Pages: 406
Genre: Young Adult, Series, Paranormal

Kylie has this problem where she sees this military dude and no one else can.  Then her boyfriend breaks up with her because she won't put out.  THEN her parents announce that they're getting a divorce.  To say that the year is a bit sucky is putting it mildly.  But, oh yeah, it gets worse.  Her mom, after the recommendation of her shrink, sends her to a summer camp for problemed-teens.  And she has a problem all right.  A problem with the camp.

Because it's really a camp for unique teens.  And by unique I mean paranormally different.  Vampire? Werewolf? Fay? If you're young and finding out for the first time, then this camp is for you.  They'll help you with the transitional process.  Kylie's sorta hoping that they're wrong and she has a brain tumor.

Only a bit hoping.

Born at Midnight is a slow leisurely paced book that I enjoyed more than I thought I would.  The differences in the teens new abilities provided for an interesting examination of biases and cliques that most teens will be able to easily identify with.  I also thought it was pretty cool that Kylie wasn't stoked about her abilities and instead met it with fierce resistance.  Her awkwardness and inability to grasp that her roomies include a vamp and a werewolf are so Real.  And Yay for realness in a totally unreal concept.

And because I know you're gonna ask, yeah there's a love triangle.  But it's not the central plot line which means I can overlook it.  Plus the actual plot was pretty normal.  And hello for normal in an abnormal book.

Once again it's a series that took me by surprise. (What is up with picking up a book and not knowing it's a series?  Can't they have bright yellow stars on them or something??)  I'll be checking out the next one for sure.

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