Project 17

Title: Project 17
Author: Laurie Faria Stolarz
Pub: Disney Hyperion
Pages: 248
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal

Project 17 immediately caught my attention even though I wasn't too impressed with Stolarz previous books (Read is for... series).

Uh hello! There is an insane asylum. And not just any insane asylum, one where the patients were mistreated.  And it's abandoned. Condemned even!

Enter Derik, not too bright but easy on the eyes.  He is determined not to follow in his dad's footsteps and take over the family grease pit (aka town diner).  Instead he wants to go into films.  Thus his brilliant plan is the plot of Project 17.  He decides to film a documentary (think Blair Witch) of him and a group of students spending the last night before demolition in the crazy house.  Rumors have it that it's haunted. [Of course it is! What else would you expect, silly goose!]

Sure the "casting" is a bit stereotypical.  There's the beautiful brainiac who is freaking out about college, the two drama geeks (one amateur director, one histrionic diva), the class clown, and the gothic chick.

Because somewhere between Blair Witch and the Breakfast Club lies Project 17.

This is a quick read.  There's some mysterious things going on, some hooking up going on, some awkward bantering, and a creepy dead girl.  Escape for the afternoon.

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