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* Yeah, I mentioned that we had some AC problems last week.  Welp, it is officially caput.  So this whole week we've been living in our renovated master bedroom, what I call our studio apartment, in order to not die of heat exhaustion!  Future suggests we'll get a brand spankin' new unit in two weeks.  Praise pizza
* I finished Willow by Julia Hoban on audio and cannot believe how attached I grew to that damn girl.  One amazing listen.  I found myself waiting in the car before my workout session minutes longer than what I should.  Since, I've moved on to Forgotten by Cat Patrick which is such an odd little thing.  I'm not quite sure how I'm feeling.
* And on the book-in-my-hand-my precious I'm reading The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker which is a kinda dystopian science fictiony read and if the protagonist wasn't a young adult, it would completely fall out of my reading comfort zone. [Update: finished the book last night.  Not too impressed.]
* The work week has been crazy.  Like, WORSE than those calgon take me away commercial.
* Because of beforementioned air issue, I haven't been cooking this week...and hell probably won't for the next week or two.  I'm looking for non-stove cooking ideas for dinner.  Maybe crock pot or microwave casseroles?  Ideas?
* Saw We Need To Talk About Kevin last night.  They did an amazing adaptation.  It was uncomfortable and desolate and just over all  "I wanna take a shower because I feel so gross" brilliant. The actor who played Kevin, um, wow! 
* Our state exam is next week.  The kids are anxious but I'm not worried.  (Okay, maybe a little). More than anything I just feel bad for them.  They're stuck in the same classroom for three days for testing and "staying quiet".  We did make them a cool survival pack that they'll be getting Monday morning from us.
* Finally, I am slacking a little on my final post for March Mystery Madness.  It WILL be up.  SOON.  I promise.  It's just I'm finding it difficult to blog in a warm house.  Soon folks, soon.


  1. I don't know what I would do if my AC stopped working. It hasn't been as hot here in Florida as it could be but having a function AC is a most.

    I would suggest food.com for crockpot recipes.

  2. Sandwiches?

    Um yeah...I'm not much help with the non-stove dinner suggestions.

    Oooh wait...there's a good recipe somewhere online for shredded BBQ chicken. You know, like pulled pork? And it's made with beer. It was quite tasty. Aha! http://www.howsweeteats.com/2011/10/crockpot-bbq-beer-chicken/

  3. Oh no!! So sorry to hear about the AC! What a freaking bummer :/ But I AM glad to hear you enjoyed Willow :D I read that when it came out and absolutely loved it!!

  4. Ugh, sorry about your AC! I hope you get everything sorted out sooner than your two-week estimate.

    Good luck to all your kids on their testing!

  5. Man. It makes you a little scared for this summer, huh? TOO DAMN HOT!


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