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 Excuses, Excuses

I swear when I thought about this ole blog I thought it had only been a few days...A WEEK at best ... since I last updated.  Imagine my surprise when my last post was over TEN DAYS ago and (shamefully) those books were backlogged reviews saved for a rainy day from (maybe) last year. It's unbelievable how quickly this school year is wrapping up.

The Books

I have, HOWEVER, been able to do some reading.  In fact, I have a handful of books to review.  Thankfully I've written notes (kinda) about most of them.  Seriously.  I STILL haven't reviewed The Mill on the Floss and that was my first book read in 2012.

Currently I'm reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (nod to Netgalley).  If you're not familiar with Flynn's work then you must quickly go to your favorite book-buying-borrowing haunt and check her out.  She's written three books (including Gone Girl) and they are all FREAKIN fantastic.  Her characters are a bit odd and quirky - in her second book, Dark Places, the girl's father is a killer with a fan club - but oh so human.  Having read all of her books it's really interesting to see how her writing has progressed.  Gone Girl is lush and sophisticated and just overall three thumbs ups. (I'm holding someone elses thumb to make my point).

I'm also listening to Ready Player One and am not impressed. At. All.  And folks, let me tell you this book was one of my "can't wait to read it" books of 2012.  I loved the 80's and so when I first read about this gem in EW I was sold.  Unfortunately, I'm maybe a third of the way through and although it does nod its head at the 80's ALL THE TIME the plot just isn't making me swoon.  It's the only audio that I have though so until something else comes in from the library I might actually finish it.

Finally, I'm rereading Man's Search for Meaning by Frankl.  Have you read this?  It's ah-MAY-zing.  Seriously.  This is a book that I think everyone should own.  It's part concentration camp narrative part new-psychology-theory but all a-book-I'd-read-over-and-over-again.  I've always had an affinity toward existential philosophy/therapy, and definitely Frankl's logotherapy falls into those categories, he just does it with so much HEART.   

The Life

I saw Rusted Roots Friday live.  So exciting.  It's been forever since I've been to a concert.  A real concert..where you're standing and dancing and it's getting sweaty but you don't care because the music is awesome.  *le sigh*  It has also been a long time since I've stayed out 'til 2AM.  Heh.

Then yesterday I finally found a tattoo artist who would tat my ear.  NO ONE would do it.  Seriously.  And I've got some room to tat.  (Perhaps one benefit of large years, lol).  Anyways, my step-dad came through for me and found a chick by his place.  Yay.  Was totally stoked. It wasn't painful.  Not like you would think.  In fact, piercing the top of my ear hurt more than this.  I'll post pictures soon because I'm just so excited about it. 'Course the problem with getting the tat was it only made me want to get MORE.  So now I'm on four and I can't wait for my fifth.


Hopefully I won't just peace out again for ten days.  But it could happen.  In the next up and coming weeks I'm:
  •  Final home track meet.
  • Taking my track girls to all-county, which is a two day event where they compete with over 40 other schools.
  • Planning a retirement party for one of our teachers.
  • Planning the annual end of the year party at our place.
  • Figuring out how to keep the kiddos entertained since they assume the year is already over since FCAT is.


  1. So, how have I not heard of Gillian Flynn? I'll have to fix that and find a book or two.

    And MAN'S SEARCH FOR MEANING has been on my TBR list for years and years. Maybe I need to finally take the plunge.

  2. You HAVE to post a picture of your ear. So so so curious. I'm tattooless (and plan to stay so) but I've seen some gorgeous ones lately.

    Bummer about Ready Player One. My coworker listened and also said it was too much 80s.


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