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Top Ten Books I'd Recommend As Good Beach Reads

I'm trying to think what qualifies a good beach read and the first thing that comes to mind is it must be quick.  If I'm on the beach reading a book, I want to be completely engrossed in it and be able to finish it when the day is over.

1.  Secret Society Girl comes to mind because it was the first book that I read on the beach last year.  Secret societies, college antics, questionable love interest.

2.  Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist - If this doesn't make you want to create a mixed c.d. or reminisce about your high school years nothing will.

3. Beautiful Creatures is a perfect gothic romance mixed with paranormal personalities other than your typical werewolves and vamps.

4.  The Order of the Poison Oak is a sequel to Geography Club and both are amazingly good.  I especially like TOotPO because it has a strong bisexual character which you just don't see often enough in any books, much less a YA.  Oh yeah and it takes place at a summer camp.

5.  Boy Meets Boy makes me wish that high schools existed just as it does in Boy Meets Boy.  "The cheerleaders ride Harleys and the Homecoming Queen used to be a guy named Daryl"

6. The Girl with Glass Feet is a magical fairy tale-ish read that still haunts me. I mean seriously, our heroine is slowly turning to glass and the hero can't even rescue himself.  Tragic.  But ooooh so good.

7. Beauty Queens - OF COURSE.  Snarky little stereotypes stranded on an island together much like all of the wonderfully bad reality tele shows.

8. Aunt Dimity and the Whatever - I have only read two of the series but I'm in love.  And BOTH times I was vacaying on water.  Cozy mysteries are my new thing.

9. B is for Beer - Seriously.  It's a comic WITH a moral.  So much fun.  And most enjoyable to drink a beer whilst reading. 

10.  I Drink for a Reason.  Um, hello.  It's DAVID CROSS.  He is *teh hysterical*

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  1. I really need to read some David Levithan, I've only read Will Grayson Will Grayson

  2. I love the movie Nick and Norah but haven't read the book yet. I did enjoy Eli and Naomi and have Boy Meets Boy on the shelf to read soon.


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