Every Day

Title: Every Day
Author: David Leviathan
Pub: 2012; Knopf Books for Young Readers
Pages: 304
Genre: Young Adult; Reality Bending; Romance
Etc: Shouts and loves to Netgalley and Knopf (!)

Every day I wake
A new body I am in
Never my own space

Aiight.  Check out this crazy plot.  (And before I begin, a quick *squee* fangirl cry because it's David-freakin'-Leviathan and I love him and feel even more warmth and fuzz and fangirl giddiness because I met him a couple of years ago and he is SUCH an amazing down to earth author which is awesome!)

Now.  The plot.  "A" wakes up every morning into a different body and "A" exists there for that day, making the decisions of that person for that day.  Immediately, you might want to associate it with Meyer's Host, but it's not like that.  Not really.  Because "A" doesn't get a choice, this is just the normal existence.  Also, "A" doesn't interact with the person's body that has been kidnapped.  This isn't an ideal existence, obviously, and "A" tries to live by the ideal do no harm, meaning, DON'T MESS UP THAT PERSON'S LIFE THROUGH SOME RASH DECISION.

*whew*  Let me tell you, trying to write that paragraph without using a gender was tres difficile.  Because, you now, "A" doesn't HAVE a gender.  One day "A"'s a girl, the next a boy.  (Also, "A" is a self given name).

Interestingly enough, this idea behind gender associations as well as sexual and racial identity is one of the reasons why David (I'm pretending here that David and I are on first name basis terms) wrote the book.  That reason alone is one of the reasons why he is such an amazing young adult writer.  He gets these notions and then writes books based on these notions for teens who need to spend time thinking about these things.  Fantastic!

I have to admit that this would be hands down a five-star book EXCEPT the ending sorta irked me.  I mean, sure, I get that this is an incredibly tough premise to wrap it up argh! It bothered me something fierce.  (So please, if WHEN you read this find me on twitter @ReadingThruNite so we can chaaattt!)

Bottom line, loved the concept, loved the author, REALLY liked the book.


  1. Totally putting this on the holds list at the library. You have sold me!

  2. I really enjoyed this and I'm glad you did too. The ending shocked me a little. Does this mean there will be another book featuring A? I don't know.

  3. Based on your enthusiasm about this one, I think I'll have to look into getting myself a copy of this book! GREAT review :)

  4. I did some light skimming--is this book written in verse? I know some of his are and with the opening I wasn't sure. I love how the genre is "mind-bending." I've only read his co-authored books but look forward to reading more of him. Wish I had known about YA books when I was in high school.


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