IT Post One OR I Freakin' Made it Halfway!!

You guys! Can we all pinky promise that there will be no chunksters of a readalong for like at LEAST a few months now?


Pinky Promise.

Because you know I CAVE when someone says readalong.  I seriously need a support group, yo.

Okay.  Now that we've gotten that out of the way......

I have achieved (and surpassed) midway status.  And very much like an arse, I didn't write my midway post immediately after hitting the midway post - mainly because I'm listening to it and the narration is BRILLIANT.

So for all of my #italong clowns, I don't want to ramble to much about what's happened and my thoughts because I can't remember where I should stop thinking and writing.  Therefore, you get a bunch of randomness LIKE

Every time I think of "The Losers Club" I start singing Beck's song....

Aaaaaaand there's gonna be a MOVIE?  SOMEDAY?!

You know what's the craziest about King though?  He writes this horrifically mean and violent book called It and you're all like - man that guy is f'ed up - right?  But then you find THESE sorta quotes in the mix of the blood and gore:

“Maybe there aren't any such things as good friends or bad friends - maybe there are just friends, people who stand by you when you're hurt and who help you feel not so lonely. Maybe they're always worth being scared for, and hoping for, and living for. Maybe worth dying for too, if that's what has to be. No good friends. No bad friends. Only people you want, need to be with; people who build their houses in your heart.”

Pretty deep right?

So here's also a quiz that you can play...there's some questions that obvs come from the end...but they're quotes, and if you know the characters, you can figure out who said them.  Fun times.

I'll see all you clowns in another few weeks with TONS of SPOILERS and REACTIONARY CAPS.

'Til then.  Beep beep.


  1. Yes, I agree hat sometimes King can drop an insightful bomb. I started my post before I got to themidpoint and didn't feel like adding to it. BUT, I was MOST SCARED and MAD about Bev's husband beating up her friend and her friend being too scared to tell the police. That was in the first half, right?

  2. One of the things I like best about King is that tendency to drop deep and pithy insights like they're nothing into the midst of the blood and gore and terror. The man's a genius, I swear.

  3. Yay for making it halfway!! I know what you mean. I started hosting read alongs because I love them so much. My name is Jenn and I have a sickness.

  4. So Ti pointed out that the narrator is that dorky guy from Wings and I'm all NO WAY. Not that I've heard him...but you guys keep raving, so NO WAY. I might have to buy the audio just to experience it, though.

    And hell yes on the pinky swear. Also, no scary books in November and December. None.

  5. I downloaded IT from the library and enjoyed the first 1/2 but then my loan expired and IT was gone...:(

  6. That quote is basically my favourite quote in IT, and one of my favourite Stephen King quotes, I think! So dreamy :)

    AND OMG I love this book! I'm kind of intrigued by the audio version actually... I don't know if it would terrify me extra, or what..? Hmm, could be something to think about for my next IT re-read :)

  7. That is such a perfectly insightful thing to share about King! He does that all the time in his books, and it's not all about the gore and horror, but it's about real people dealing with it. It's incredible and heart-wrenching at times.

    I LOVE the audio! It's incredible!

  8. It was painful for me to stop listening to the audio. I was so happy to turn it back on this morning...only to remember that I left off at Mike's interlude. Snore. But now we're back to the kiddos. Yay!

    I know right--I think I'm taking all of November and December OFF from reading just to recuperate from the 2012 "alongs"

  9. Love that quote that you included. King is sneaky isn't he?


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