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Hey all!  It’s a three day weekend and we’re halfway through it and it has been gloriously relaxing.  But that’s neither here nor there. What I want to touch base with is all of the fantastic AND fantastical things going on in the blogosphere.

First and foremost - and I doubt I’m the first one to tell you about it - it’s RIP time.  which is a wonderful yearly event (no longer a challenge, really) where for TWO MONTHS we all devour as many creeptastic, halloweeny, mysterious, and thrilling reads.  September 1st through October 31sst. If you haven’t participated yet, move your little tush over there and check it out.  (I’ve found it a great way to add books to my TBR pile after seeing what everyone is doing).

And, speaking of RIP, Estella Society is hosting a read along - The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters.  Most excellent because I’ve been dying to read Waters for quite some time.  And because I’ve become a self-proclaimed read along addict, uh, hello.  I’m so there.  The deets are easy: Halfway post September 10th final post Septemper 17th.  Get on with it! 

To tagalong with all of this spooky night, Seasons of Reading is starting the month off of October will a Frightful Readathon (October 1st - October 7th).  I think it fits nicely, AND because I love to be scared, I can't wait to read all of the scary reviews.

And FINALLY...I've saved the BEST FOR LAST.  (Or at least, in MY honest opinion).

As you all know Italong has already begun.  (It's not too late.  You can still grab the chunkster and begin reading...(halfway point should be posted September 13th and the last post is October 14th)

But I have to tell you, outside of the novel (which is fab folks) we have been having a GRAND time on Twitter.  Check out our giggles by following #italong.

What could be so giggly about a vicious clown?  Um, the clown nose, duh!  Check out my photo montage: (if you're participating, make sure you post your pics and share on Fizzy Jilly's blog, aka my partner in crime)


  1. I'm too wimpy to read IT but love the photos.

  2. Stunningly beautiful. The nose works.

  3. The last one is my favorite. You're quite the cute little clown lady.

  4. Thanks for joining us for R.I.P. this year! I too am thrilled about The Little Stranger read along as it has been on my radar for awhile and I needed the push to actually get to it. I started reading it over the holiday weekend and it is really grabbing hold of me thus far. Can't wait to start discussing it. I'm going to participate in FrightFall too as it will be a fun tie-in to R.I.P. and that banner is just too cool!

  5. The hair bow definitely sets off the nose. Well done.

  6. Hilarious...I love these IT photos...after reading it last year, I'm thinking I should start reading this again for the 3rd time.


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