The Beautiful Between

Title: The Beautiful Between
Author: Alyssa Sheinmel
Pub: Knopf for Young Readers; 2010
Pages: 192
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult, Fairy-tale-ish

"If high school were a fairy-tale kingdom, Connelly Sternin would be Rapunzel"

That is exactly why I picked up this book because I am a self confessed fairy-tale retelling addict.  I also find that it's difficult to find contemporary retellings.  Or even adult retellings.  Are there any other there that I'm missing?  Help please. 

I also rated this a three-star as soon as I finished reading it, which means that I had to have dug it right?  Well, I'm (trying) to write this review a couple of months later and I can't remember ANYTHING about this book.

So I cheated and read some other reviews.  There's a vague memory in my brain somewhere.  Connelly's father died but she doesn't know why nor does it ever occur to her to ask her mom.  There's this popular boy (Jeremy) at their private richy high school who befriends her and he's going through issues because his sister is sick.  They form a friendship, not a romance, which is a plus because there's just not that many books out there filled with boy/girl friendships when the boy/girl are actually interested in opposite gendered luuurve.  (IE - in real life, folks, you don't have to be gay to have friends with the opposite sex).

Still.  I can't remember much about this one.  

Maybe I should change my rating from a three to a one because of that.

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