Shattered Souls

Title: Shattered Souls
Author: Mary Lindsey
Pub: 2011; Penguin
Pages: 336
Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal

I think that the only reason why I picked up this book was for the cover.  Absolutely gorgeous, yes?

And thank god it's a beautiful cover because the book itself was pretty forgetful.  Sure, I've been going through this YA fiction thing the latter part of this year, and I've definitely found that it's easy to forget what you've read if you move from one book to the next without jotting down ideas BUT it still seems to me that if a book has a lot to offer there will be some vague feelings associated with it, right?

Weeeelllll, I'm coming up with zilch.

Lenzi is somewhat of a ghost whisperer, although she doesn't realize it at first.  In fact, she believes she just might be going crazy like her father who recently committed suicide because he could no longer hear the voices in his head.

But it turns out that she's more than crazy and it takes Alden showing up to reveal what her true destiny is - to send lost souls to their other world by assisting them in unresolved concerns.   Alden knows this because he is her Protector and they have been working together for centuries.

Now, y'know how I said that this book was pretty forgetful in the ocean of YA that I've been devouring?  And that part is true, I mean, heck, the writing was fairly uneventful even...BUT if I was a legit tween I'm sure this book would have been listed on my top ten faves because it has desperation and reincarnation and tragic love and everything that would make me all kiddy-swoon.  Of course, now, being an adult reading YA, I need a little bit more than that.

Best bonus?  This is a first in a series (or trilogy, who knows) but it ends perfectly.  I feel no compulsion to pick up the second book, scheduled for 2014 because it ends subtlety.

A bit of confusion though?  I went to the author's page on Goodreads to see if there was going to be a second book and Mary Lindsey answers the question What is taking so long?  Her response: That’s a great question. It should not take two years to write this kind of book.  And then she goes on sharing when the book will come out.  But what got me was the statement THIS KIND OF BOOK.  I don't get it, is she talking about the YA genre? Like, obviously it's lesser than adult fiction so she should be able to write YA quicker? (Evidently, Lindsey writes adult fiction under another name as well).  I'm not quite sure how else to take that statement and if she didn't mean it like how it sounds then that doesn't make her very eloquent does it?


  1. Ha! I have the same issues recently. In fact, I was completely stumped on a recent review I was writing. It wasn't a YA book though. It is just way too easy for the books to run together after a while!


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