Title: Skinny
Author: Donna Cooner
Pub: 2012; Point
Pages: 272
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Realistic, Eating Disorders

EVERYONE who has read this seems to have loved it, claiming it was oh so powerful.  And yeah, sure, I thought it was original and dealt with self-esteem issues and biggest thing that most books about weight loss deal with and that's the reasons behind the weight gain.  Or more importantly just because you're skinny doesn't mean all of sudden your confident.  But, I was pretty meh about the whole process.

First, I was a bit uncomfortable with how quickly the author brushes over Ever's decision to have a gastric bypass ESPECIALLY since she's a teenager.  There was barely any conversation with the father (who only shows up occasionally) and worst yet, the decision is made by Ever because of a cute boy and getting his attention.  And okay, sure, I can believe that being a motivating cause for a teen to want surgery...but is that enough for her to get the surgery? Of course she didn't tell pops the initial reason and yeah, they mention (gloss over) how her health is at jeopardy because of her weight.

What I DID like though was the process after Ever had the surgery.  The author made sure that losing the weight - even with gastric bypass - was easy.  She still had to watch what she ate and the amount. Also, the exercise. This was a biggie because I think that many thing gastric bypass is an easy way out and I'm glad Cooner proves that idea wrong.

So, Skinny is a process.  It's Ever's journey through weight loss and finding herself.  There were faults, but the intentions had merit. 


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