TSS - Spring Break bay-bee! (And Give Away)

'ello, 'ello, 'ello!

I'm in a frenzy of *too much* *too much* so thank ye gods that it is spring break.  Yes, folks.  Spring break is not just for the drunken college students, but the weathered teachers also!  I love my students; they know they are my "only kids", but man alive I'm looking forward to a week of peace, serenity, and ME-ness.

So let's keep this short and sweet!

The Life

Uh, spring break!  :D  We're going to peace-out and hunt some gators down in the Everglades.  All right, only kidding.  But we are going to bike Shark's Trail, which, unlike the name implies, we won't be seeing sharks, but tons of gators.  (I admitted to D that I'm stressed about which books to bring along.  She said - and I quote - "you only need one".  Uhhhh?? How long have we've been living together??)

Track season just started too.  Try-outs are going all right.  Only one girl puked.  But she's an 8th grader and a pro.  She ran, puked, and then continued with sit-ups.  Man, I wish I had that stamina.

After spring break it's Standardized Test Boot Camp.  'Cuz as much as I believe in education to teach students to think, my job is based off of standardized growth.  *sigh*  Politics sucks.

The Blog

I actually posted!  Are you ready for it?

Seer of Shadows - fun historical fiction for tweens...oh yeah, and there are ghosts!
B is For Beer - fairy tale? yes! love some Tom Robbins(!)(!)
Ceremony - magical realism that consumes and will definitely be on my top ten list of the year!

Who's joining me in the Read-a-thon?!  It's approaching guys!  C'mon.  It's like an online slumber party!


Did you hear the news?  I'm taking over the GLBT challenge.  *biting nails*  I admit, I'm a little nervous.  I sorta think of Amanda as a super star.  So following in her footsteps kinda makes me a little "Ahhhhh!"  But she's awesome.  And I know I shouldn't be as freaked as I am!  So, if you've missed it.  I'm looking for a co-host.  Don't worry if you don't know what you're doing. A little secret ---- ME NEITHER!

The Books

I finally finished Atlas Shrugged!  Booyah!  Review will come up before Spring Break is over.  Promise.

This coming week I only know of two definite's:

Wildthorn by Jane England and Skinny by Diana Spechler.

FINALLY.... I will have my first giveaway coming when I get back.  'Cuz I'm spring cleaning folks!

What's new with you?


  1. This post made me giggle. :)

    I have spring break next week and I cannot wait. Seriously. I need a break!

    I'm going to be doing the readathon too, but I have a wedding shower and a family birthday party to go to that day. So....I won't be going as crazy as I would like. But, I am planning on spending all next week reading up a storm, so that will make up for it.

    Amanda IS a super star! Normally I would volunteer....but I need to think it over. Let me know if you still need someone and I'll do it, okay? :)

  2. Someone is certainly ready for a vacation. ;-)

  3. "You only need one" -- that made me laugh out loud. SO UNTRUE. I take an absurd number of books with me on trips. At least four for a five-day trip, even if I'm going to visit a friend with dozens of books and access to an enormous academic library. :p

  4. I completely understand about Spring Break. I loooovvvee it. I too love my students, but man oh lordy the time away from them is nice.

    I think you will do a fantastic job with the GLBTQ challenge!

  5. Ugh spring break sounds so nice!! My sister teaches in Brevard and they are off this week too.

    Looking forward to your review of Atlas Shrugged! I've wanted to read that one for a while.

    Online slumber party is the perfect way to describe the read-a-thon Lol!

  6. As a teacher I totally get it; I am SO ready for spring break! We're off to Virginia for the week.

    Good for you for hosting the GLBT challenge; lots of work, but lots of satisfaction, I would imagine.

    I am so on for the Dewey Read-a-thon!

    Happy vacationing

  7. I hope you have a lovely Spring Break. You sound like you need some down time. Good luck with the GLBT challenge, you will be great. Did your Persephone arrive yet?

  8. Funny how you look forward to spring break and I dread it. I'm happy that this week will be the first week back from break and then also from early dismissal week!

  9. this post is so stinkin happy it but a big huge smile on my face!!

    But wow you guys have spring break late in your neck of the woods. Hope you're having a fabulous week!


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