Roots Readalong (Feb)

Okay folks, I admit it...when I posted last week about doing a Roots Readalong, it was one of those hey this would be really cool for February and I've had this book and I've wanted to read it so why not make it a PROJECT and invite others to join.  Mind you, I didn't really wrap my head around the ginormous size of this book.  (Mine sits at 729 pages).  Sure, I've read larger books (once again I'm looking at you Ayn Rand) but I can't for the life of me remember if I've read them on such a restricted schedule.  (Allie- I think I blocked out last January, heh).

But I'm determined.

If you actually go to the book's website Roots The Book,  they refer to it as "the book that changed America".  The book sold over one million copies in the first year (1976) and caused such a political, racial, and social uprising it's effect was compared to the release of Uncle Tom's Cabin

I admit my ignorance.  I only know that this book tells the story of one young boy, captured and sold into slavery, and his future descendants until present day.

After looking for some more information, I did find out that there was a plagiarism suit in which Haley admits that he did copy some excerpts from The African by Harold Courlander, which seems to be out of print

The Dates

Feb. 1st - Let the reading begin
Feb. 8th - Chapters 1 - 30
Feb. 15th Chapters 31 - 60
Feb. 22nd Chapters 61 - 90
Feb. 29th  Chapters 91 - 120

Sign up in the comments section because I suck at using Mister Linky so we can visit each others' post on the scheduled days.  Before February, I'll link your blog on the my side bar under the participants list. 


  1. I'm in. :)I I figure I owe you. I have to go find a copy of the book, but that shouldn't be too hard.

  2. I'm in. :)I I figure I owe you. I have to go find a copy of the book, but that shouldn't be too hard.

  3. I'm in as well. I found a copy that will hopefully arrive by the first. :)

  4. Count me in! I was planning on trying to read it with a friend anyway...I'll be much more likely to get it done on a schedule :)

  5. If you want a change of pace I cannot recommend the audio highly enough. Here's my review from last November. Good luck :)


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