TSS - Shorty

Hey folks!  I've been sorta lethargic in the blogging world this week (my GReader is up to 300+ posts).  I've done a lot of talking this week IRL so I guess I can't wrap my head around talking in the blogosphere.

So, I'm looking forward to watching the awards show tonite.  I love me some awards.

Also, I've caved and am now on Pinterest.  ReadingThruNite (just like my twitter handle).  Are you there?  Leave a comment to let me know.  I'm lovin' the recipes that I'm finding.

Also^2, There's been some interest in the Roots Readalong, so I'm going to post a schedule and sign up post this week sometime.  Please join.  I know it's a chunkster but I've heard so many wonderful things about it.



  1. Sorry to hear about your headache :( and my GReader is at 1500 (about two weeks of not checking it). Too many blog subscriptions?

  2. I just got on Pinterest too. :) My username is trish422 just like my Twitter handle.

    Enjoy the awards show!

  3. I'm trying to avoid Pinterest, in the interest of saving myself another time suck!

    I think I'll watch the awards show tonight too - in the mood for some mindless television :)

  4. I admit I'm so out of the award loop this year--don't even know what's nominated!!

    I'm on Pinterest. Will try to find you as I have no idea what my handle is. Think it's my full name.


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