Nancy Drew !

Let me preface this double whammy by admitting that it is true.  I never read a Nancy Drew [or Hardy Boys for that matter] book growing up.  *shakes head* Yup, I'm thirty-four years old and this is the first time I've made Nancy's acquaintance.  Something nifty though?  While reading at my desk during D.E.A.R. one of my boys came up to me and said how much he LOVED some Nancy Drew and read all of the books in elementary.  He was so passionate about his dedication to this series that he pointed out there were "sixty books, Miss!"  I can see where his enthusiasm came from.  After a few short pages, Nancy had my heart.  [Interestingly enough, you know how Doyle had a meltdown because everyone knew Sherlock Holmes but not him?  Well it doesn't seem as though many people know the author of the Nancy Drew series.  Plus, I've heard that it's ghost written??]

Title: The Secret of the Old Clock
Author: Carolyn Keene
Pub: 1930
Pages: 210
Genre: Children's Literature, Mystery

So the first book in the collection is The Secret of the Old Clock and we meet our heroine, Nancy, a recent high school graduate who lives with her father, Mr. Drew and their housekeeper, Hannah.  Nancy ends up meeting some nice old ladies who are raising a vivacious youngin' but are a bit strapped for money.  It comes out in their first meeting that a recent wealthy loved one (Josiah) passed away and was suppose to leave them a nice chunk of change but ended up not because of a possible manipulation OR ...because we need a mystery the REAL will was never found.

After some research (and by research I mean wikipedia!) there were two versions of The Secret of the Old Clock (one written in the 1930's and the other written in 1959).  I read the later version and wonder if I could even find the original?

Title: The Hidden Staircase
Author: Carolyn Keene
Pub: 1930
Pages: 182
Genre: Children's Literature, Mystery

 The Hidden Staircase is the second in the collection (my book contained both) and definitely was a bit more reminiscent of some childhood films and fanciful desires. I remember growing up and watching some old reruns of Barney Fife in these mysteries that were black and white with hidden passages in houses so people could feign hauntings.  And this was that exactly.  Plus, how many times had I wished I lived in a house like that?  I freakin' adored The Hidden Staircase.  Nancy is called upon by her good friend Helen (who announces her engagement to a man that she'd only known for a couple of months and had to keep 'undercover' until he's home safe which sorta led me to thinking the role of Woman in the 30's but then that was only a sidetracked though much like this parentheses is...*breath* and *sigh*) Ms. Drew is called upon because her bestie's Aunt believes that her ancient house is haunted, but you know, she knows that it's not but can't figure out who or what the ghost is.  There's also some drama going on with Mr. Drew and the railroads and it all ties in.

What I've Learned Having Met Nancy

  • I was a very self-centered eighteen year old.
  • Can someone be that wealthy and truly that altruistic.
  • Where is Nancy's mom?  Do we find out?
  • Oh my gosh those illustrations were loverly! 
  • I really like how dignified everyone's conversations are even though they took some getting used to
  • Nancy Drew Mysteries make connections with the characters and the multiple mysteries involved.  I definitely prefer this over Agatha Christie's plot driven mysteries.  Does that even make sense?
  • Is it insane that I want to read all of the Nancy Drew Mysteries?  Do I foresee a challenge for myself in the mix?  WITH a cute little button?  Possibly!
And because I am mad in love with these illustrations.  Fierce undying love.  I thought I'd share one.  [This is where the 'ghost' makes the ceiling come down....Bwhahahaha.  Poor Nance gets a wee bit hurt here.  But don't stress!  She gets better!!]


  1. I always loved Nancy Drew. If I remember right, her mom dies when she was young.

  2. I would TOTALLY help host a Nancy Drew challenge.

    I love them so much and actually read a book about how they were written and who wrote them. It was fantastic.

    I think there is even a girl sleuth academic conference. :)

  3. I'm sad to say I didn't read any Nancy Drew growing up. However, if a challenge were to present itself... :)

  4. You now have me desperate to read Nancy Drew! I would love to read these as I haven't read any of them.

  5. I wonder what happened to my Nancy Drew books! I didn't have these lovely original ones but I do remember loving to read them. If you guys did a challenge I might think about participating (think...considering I have two days left to read something stinkin' mysteryish).

  6. I never read Nancy Drew as a kid, but I loved the covers and remember them as well as, if not more than, the covers of my youth of the books that I actually did read.


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