The Diviner's Tale

Title: The Diviner's Tale
Author: Bradford Marrow
Pub: 2011; Houghton Miffilin Harcourt
Pages: 309
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery

Oh how I wished that you were more than what you were.  How's that for an opening?  Kinda makes you want to rush out and read this book, huh?  Yeah right.

So obviously this isn't going to be a glorifying review, which means, in the very least, let me tell you why I even bothered to read it.

1.  The title.  Simple. Implies spookiness, but potentially realistic spookiness.
2. The cover. I love me some trees.  Like I could stare at trees all the livelong day.
3.  There IS an unusual gift.  Cassandra is a diviner.  And it runs in the family.
4. There's a vision of a dead girl hanging from a tree...
5.  ...which leads to a mystery about this dead girl and Cassandra finding her.
6. Cassandra is trying to hide from her past.
7. There's a potential love interest.  I feel like my romance selection has been more YA driven and wanted to read what how adults interact in dating stages. Heh.

Pretty stellar list, eh?

Except I was so freakin' bored the whole way through.  In fact, I'd probably put the darn thing aside except we were on a road trip and it was the only book in grabs reach.

What was nifty about it though? I liked reading about diviners in general, like those for water?  That was an interesting take.

On a dullness level though? Man, I can't even remember if Cassandra gets together with her love interest.  THAT'S how far removed I was from the blasted book.


  1. I could stare at a tree all day long too :) Looks like it won't be the one on the cover of this book!

  2. Well crap! All the things on your list are things I also enjoy. Oh book why did you fail me?


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