Audios on Vacation

While on vacation last week, I brought along two audio books. I'm glad that I did, not just because of the regular driving time from state to state, but because the books were quite therapeutic while driving through those mountains. C'mon people! I'm a Florida native. We have nothing but flat land here. The Smokies were quite intimidating, not just for me the driver, but for my lil' four cylinder car. She was chugging along while I was freaking out, looking at the side drops and praying that the rain would hold off for a bit longer. When it finally did end up raining (Yes. At night!) I engaged myself in the audio books. Hmmm...is that bad, I wonder? To distract myself? Ooops.
But now, onto the reviews!

Title: Wintergirls
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Pub Date: March 2009
Pages: Audio
Genre: YA
Lia and Cassie have been best friends since they were kids. As they grew older they created an unhealthy competition on who would be the thinnest. This eventually caused enough friction in their friendship that Cassie separates herself from Lia. That is, until one fateful night when Cassie reaches out and Lia doesn't respond. This night changes Lia's life forever. This is the night Cassie dies.
The novel opens up immediately with Cassie's death and what follows is Lia's struggle to deal with the guilt of her friend's death and her destructive relationship with food. Anderson does an amazing job at portraying the leading factors and emotional instability of Lia's struggle. I didn't expect anything less.
Listening to the audio was also a unique experience. I struggle with finding audio books that truly capture my heart. Generally, it's a hit or miss. I feel voice, pacing, enthusiasm, all of these little nuances must be just.right in order for me to fall into its world. This audio managed to do that. I was curious, after reading someone's book review where they pointed out that they liked how Anderson portrayed the difficulties Lia was having with food, crossing out words or thoughts that Lia was struggling with. I wondered how that would carry in audio. Creatively enough, the production company had a soft beeping noise hum over those sentences. Of course, I wonder, had I not known how the book was written would I have gotten it? Probably not. But it was a helluva cool attempt.
Title: The Likeness
Author: Tana French
Pub Date: July 2008
Pages: Audio
Genre: Thriller, Fiction
*Squeal* I was really looking forward to this book, even if I did pick it up as audio. I read In The Woods last year and fell in love with Tana French.
We are reunited with Cassie Maddox, murder detective from In The Woods. She's still left in a bit of emotional shambles from the previous case when she gets a rather anxious and interesting phone call. It appears that Cassie has a double, a dead double. And this leaves her with the unique opportunity to step into the shoes of the victim, Lexi, and solve the case from the inside out.
A pretty far, out there, plot line, eh? The likelihood of meeting your double is already slim to none, but even more so is the thought that you could mirror this persons mannerisms enough that her dearest friends and housemates would not be suspicious. And yet, Cassie does it, and French writes it in such a way that you completely forget that it's just really not all that possible!
The Likeness is one nail biting roller coaster! I loved the audio version as the narrator had a heavy Irish accent and I really felt that Cassie was telling me her story. I found myself tired after driving six hours straight, but wishing that we hadn't come up to our hotel room just so I could listen for a wee bit more. I ended up not finishing The Likeness on the road, so the first night back home I did something I have never done. I popped those earphones in my ear, laid down in bed, and listened tot he remaining couple of hours. It was suppose to be a bedtime listening, you know? But the anticipation of it all kept me up for much longer than what I anticipated.
I think one of the trepidations that most of us have when we find new authors is reading another book by them. Are we going to like it as much? Was the first time around a fluke? I'm glad that Tana French didn't disappoint. Here's hopin' that she's got another thriller up her sleeve!


  1. I really really want to read Wintergirls, though I will probably do it by book and not audio.

  2. Amanda - I would definitely "read" the book as opposed to listening to it. Under my circumstances, I'm glad I chose Wintergirls to listen to, but generally I'm a reader over a listener. I'm slowly getting into audio books, but it's a grueling process.

    The one cool thing about this audio though is they included an interview with Anderson. It was an odd experience listening to her voice. And she shared a brilliant poem based on the anniversary of Speak.

  3. I wish I could do audio, unfortunately I seem to have a low attention span and I have to keep rewinding.

    I can't wait to read Wintergirls, though I am going to read Speak first. Hope you had a great holiday, love the new picture.

  4. I've only just started listening to audiobooks but I've found that they can be pretty hit or miss for me as well. Actually, been listening to a lot of thrillers mostly (not my usual genre of choice), so there isn't a whole lot of emotion anyway. I've been really wanting to read something by Anderson--maybe Speak.

  5. I really need to read this book. I think I'd like it>>thanks

  6. Scrap girl - I'm the same way. Or at least I was, and am not trying to work on my attention span. I'd rather "read" a book while working out than watch tv.

    Trish - Definitely hit or miss as well. I've had to stop audios and then plan to give the book itself a chance. Thrillers seem to work for me too.

    Diane - Enjoy :)


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