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This is sorta my place to keep links about all things bookish. I've divided it up into three categories: where to get books, fun bookish sites, and book lists. If I've missed a favorite of yours, please leave a comment with the website so I can add it.

To Acquire, Exchange, Donate Books

For Fun

Bookish Lists


  1. If you want, you can add sites like GoodReads or Library Thing. Some of those also have early reviewer programs or other giveaway programs you can add under your first category. I don't know where the Library Thing program is, but the URL for the goodreads First Reads program is here: http://www.goodreads.com/giveaway - Both my husband and I have both won books off there already!

  2. I would have said GoodReads too, what a fab list you've compiled. I'm going to check a few of the links to sites I haven't heard of.

    There's an award waiting for you at The Eclectic Reader

  3. Amanda & Teddyree - Thank you both for the suggestions. I cannot believe I completely forgot about Good Reads/ Library Thing/ and gosh there's one more that is escaping me right now?!?

    (And Teddyree - thank you sooo much for the award!)

  4. The other one I know of is Shelfari.


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