Title: Fallen
Author: Lauren Kate
Pub Date: 2009
Pages: 464
Genre: Young Adult; Fantasy

Tell me if you've heard this story-line before: Young girl goes to school and instantly meets young boy who captivates her. She has these STRONG EMOTIONS that she just can't explain. And all the while, he's going back and forth, hot and cold, smile and ignore. Oh and lest me not forget the LONG STARES across the room.

Blur through pages and the saga continues.

"I love you." "Oh but we can't be together." "But we're meant to be together." *mournful look* "You don't understand. The secrets. It could KILL YOU."

You get my drift? The trend of YA paranormal romance? Or is it just moi?

I've read reviews of this book on plenty of sites, they were either YAY or NAY but never EH. I had no intention of reading this. Really. Truly! Dear gawd there are so many other books out there vying for my attention. But then one of my students - always, one of my students - tells me how much she loved this book and how much she would love for me to read it. And because I'm a sucker (ahem, and the students were watching a film to go along with a novel we just finished). I sighed and conceded.

Luckily. It only took a very short time to read.

And the big question? What was my response to my student who asked "Miss, did you love it?" OKAY PEOPLE, I caved. I said, "Yeah, it wasn't so bad." (Because in actuality, it did beat grading papers!). I get the appeal for these youngun's. It's just not good stuff, yaknow?

Oh and the best part of reading this novel? With the exception of the cover (the inner goth me sooo wants to be her in an oncoming teen angst-y life) the BEST PART of this book is the FEEL of the cover. Seriously. Is it made out of stone paper? Is there such a thing as stone paper? It was silk on my fingers.


  1. I haven't felt the cover of Fallen, but I think I know what you mean about the silky feeling. I've come across quite a few book covers recently that feel like they've been dusted with powder... Mary Karr's Lit comes to mind, and some comic about Stephenie Meyer... they feel amazing.

  2. I read this books and really enjoyed it... hahaha I can't even blame it on a student recommendation. I picked it up solely based on the cover image!

  3. I have this one on the shelf, but have not read it yet...i really liked the cover.

  4. I really didn't enjoy this one. I think I may have only bought it because I liked the cover and I got caught up in the hype.

  5. I totally felt the same way. here's my review:



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