Locke & Key continues...

Title: Locke & Key - Head Games
Author: Joe Hill; Illustrator: Gabriel Rodriguez
Pub Date: 2009
Pages: 145
Genre: Graphic Novel
I read and reviewed Locke & Key - Welcome to Lovecraft earlier this year. If you've been around, you'll remember that I absolutely loved it. I was very eager to pick up the second installation of this series.
Here's the down low. I'm still a fan, but this is not going to be a fangirl raving post. Mainly because there was a good portion of the book where I was a wondering lost girl asking my inner head, "What in the world is going on?" It's true. I was confused through out the novel. I'd start to figure things out and then I'd figure I was wrong and go through the whole cycle again. I can't figure out if it was done purposefully or if I was just having a dense day.
Whereas before the story centered around the Locke family and their voice, Mind Games introduced the villain and his search for the Locke keys. We sorta get his back story (even though I think the gender kept changing...which was interesting and added to my confusion).
The new key that was found is by far the most interesting. This key, once placed in the back of your head, unlocks it and allows you to see what's inside. There are great graphics of the characters looking inside their head, pulling out memories, or adding knowledge.
I'll be interested in seeing where this series is going. I figure eventually I'll end up purchasing it.

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