Dear Atticus

Dear Atticus:

Why can't we have more fathers like you in the world? In fact, why can't we have more men like you. I forgot how solid you were and self assured, but not in that cocky way. More like that way where you never lose your temper no matter how pissed you might get because you're REASONABLE and yet still understand that sometimes the world just SUCKS. And also, why can't we just have more PEOPLE like you.

Including me.

What can I say. I admire your determination. Your ethics. And most of all, your patience. (Patience, what is that?) Whereas you make changes, no matter how slow the road might be, I find myself wanting to stomp my feet and shout, "Why do people have to be so meeeeaaannn?" (Did I mention that I am good at acting like a petulant brat? I am. Ask my mom. That's a joke. Kinda.)

But seriously, I know that it has to be rough raising to children on your own. Of course you have the rockstar help of Calpurnia, who I figure could tame any child's wild ways.

And also, you must be super proud of both Scout and Jem. Scout especially. Damn if that girl cannot read and think smarter than the little tyke that she is. Makes for quite a handful but you know that she's going to create waves in life, fighting for the underdog. Jem is a bit more quiet, isn't he? A bit more like you. He's going to grow up to be just like his daddy. If only you could see how proud he looks whenever he talks about you to Dill and Scout.
Atticus, even though the case didn't fully go the way that you wanted it, you did a stand up job. I do believe that you made a difference. It might have been small in the courtroom, but it was huge in your community.

Thanks for being the inspiration to be more, fifty years later.


Title: To Kill a Mockingbird
Author: Harper Lee
Pub: 1960
Pages: 281
Genre: Classics


  1. *standing ovation*


  2. Hooray for this letter!

    (My father is kinda like Atticus. He's super polite to everybody even when he's cross, and he is a man of great integrity. So I love Atticus triple because he reminds me of my daddy.)

  3. Ana - Thanks so much! I forgot how much Atticus can inspire!

    Andi - Thank you! :)

    Trisha - It's an AWESOME book and a great reminder of what we can all strive for.

    Jenny - You are so incredibly luck to have that man as your father!! I'm sure when you typed that you had the same look on your face as Jem did while talking about his pop. :)

  4. I wish more people would at least TRY to be like Atticus. He rocks :)


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