Friday Five: Better Late Than Never

1. So I just got back from my last out-of-town vacay. *happy dance*. We went to Sarasota, Siesta Key, Venice, Lido Island to kayak, hike, and swim. And guess what?! We saw lots of dolphins. I mean, like two to three a day no matter where we went. Aaaannndddd...actually were like less than 50 yards swimming with two out in the ocean. Squeal. Pics coming soon. Er, not of the dolphins. Cuz they're quick sea critters.

2. ZOMG. I am reading this totally amazing super superb (yup that fantastical) book. It's called the City of Dreaming Books. And it's, like, a reader's dream world. But not. Because there are menacing books that can bite ya. And bookhunters who can kill you. Oh and the evil Shadow King that lives in the catacombs where all of the best books are hidden. But it's still a dream come true because it takes place in Bookholm where everyone is either a professional reader, writer, publisher, copy editor. . . inject more literary occupations. . . Almost done with it and cannot wait to review it.

3. And can I say on vacay we stumbled upon a Goodwill Bookstore. Yah, see, D is all about Goodwill. "Someone's trash, other person's treasure" kinda thing. Me personally, I think it's always trash. BUT not in this case. It was a Goodwill entirely devoted to books. Dude, I was like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, eyes gaping, and possibly even wheezing with excitement. Seriously. I totally expected to see some Oompa Loompa's (and for honesty's sake, I am googling how to correctly spell that! ED Note: Of course it was the most obvious!). Of course I loaded up on some books. They were $2 - $3 and I got an awesome loot! (13 Reasons Why for example. For $3! Wowzerz).

4. Bah. Dryer broke. Which means that coming home was not a bunch of paradise.

5. Still the kids (cats) missed us. So here's a pic to end the post. It's of Charlie. And if your curious about all of the toilet paper...My mom and her best friend thought it would be fun to TP the inside of our house back in April. *shakes head* What can ya do but laugh. :P


  1. Oh, you would not have been able to get me out of that Goodwill Bookstore! Paradise.

  2. my mom likes to go to thrift shops. since she doesn't drive anymore, I take her and hang out in the used books section. my local goodwill has a decent section, but a whole store dedicated? I'd be there every week!

    and I agree, the city of dreaming books is a terrific read.

  3. Your vacation sounds amazing - I look forward to your pictures!

    I hadn't heard of The City of Dreaming Books before now, but I'm intrigued, so I've added it to my list.

    And your cat is beautiful. I figured he was the toilet paper decorator. If that happened in my apartment, my cats would definitely be the guilty ones! They get up to all sorts of trouble when I turn my back.

  4. Melissa - It was hard to leave. Seriously! :)

    lgh164 - I'm so excited that someone else has read that book.

    Charley - It's such a great book. I'm almost done. And Charlie appreciates the remark. He's our hurricane kitty.


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