Title: Glass
Author: Ellen Hopkins
Pub: Simon & Schuster; 2007
Pages: 681
Genre: Young Adult, Lyrical

To say that Hopkins has done it again barely covers how freakin' incredible this woman is! (Not just as a writer, but as an advocate against censorship).

She grabs your heart and clenches it ever so slightly until you realize a little too late that it's been pulled out of your chest. Simultaneously you are thankful that the book is over while still longing for more.

Glass is the continuation of Crank, the story of Katherine and how she gets hooked on Crystal Meth. I read Crank last year and found it heart-wrenching. Man was I surprised to find Glass even more so. Hopkins is not just real (it's loosely inspired by a personal experience) it's raw.

I know I sound dramatic here and I don't mean to. BUT IT IS DRAMATIC! Especially when you realize that Kristina, while dealing with the Monster (her euphemism for crank) she's raising a baby. Really? REALLY? And it's like, the whole time I'm reading it, I am fighting with myself. Of course I am pissed at Kristina, she's a mom now. But then I get angry at Kristina's mom for waiting soooo long, even though I know it's hard on the family too. It's this never ending saga of pain and everyone is hurting and falling off of the cliff.

Glass is not for the weak of heart, but if you choose to pick it up, I promise you'll be suckered into Kristina's world. I must get my hand on the finally installment.


  1. I have never heard of Ellen Hopkins but this does sound good.
    Love the new blog look too.

  2. I remember hearing about Crank but just barely. I'll have to see if I can find these on audio. Sound really captivating!

    How's the school book club going?


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