TSS: HP World (!)

Good morning Saloners!

It is finally a wee bit chilly here in Florida. Like McDonald's claims so enthusiastically, "I'm lovin' it." I feel that Florida sorta gets jipped with the chilly weather EVERY YEAR. We *never* get the sweater weather. It's either hot or cold. (And I use cold lightly, northerners!)

I'm also in a fantabulous mood because of the time change. It was awesome waking up this morning at quarter 'til 7 fully rested. (The teenage me would be shrieking at this very adult statement). But today I will be able accomplish so much. And mainly fun stuff - reading, going through my bookcases and posting thing on PBS, updating my LT account, cleaning the casa (bleh), and ending the evening with roasting marshmellows over a fire. Doesn't today sound fabulous?

Oh and let me tell you about tomorrow. Tomorrow D and I are playing hookey from work to go to Universal Studios and finally check out Harry Potter world. That's right folks, I'm going to drink so much butter beer I get sick to my stomach. I also hope to find a kickass wand that I can incorporate in my classroom.

Allrighty then. I haven't really been in the blogging mood...so enjoy your day and stay warm. :)


  1. Aaaa, how cool! Take a million pictures and tell us all about it!

  2. I hope you find a great wand, but butter beer just sounds yucky. I hope you'll report on how it tasted.

  3. I always imagine butter beer to be butterscotchy. You'll have to tell us how it is!

    I told my husband that today is my favorite day of the year (today anyway). It's awesome sleeping in and realizing it's only 8:00! Not looking forward to driving home from work in the dark, though.

    Have a fabulous week, Christina--and enjoy HP world!

  4. Have a wonderful time :D And I expect a full report :P

  5. OMG Have so much fun!!!! And like Ana said, we want a FULL report :D

  6. I'm in North Florida, and it was definitely sweater and jacket weather last night in the 30s! Yikes!

  7. Oh ... I'm so jealous! And it probably won't be overly crowded (or hot). Have so much fun.

    And it sounds like you used your extra hour quite well!

  8. Looking forward to hearing about HP World! I'm a little behind the times and am working my way through the 5th book now.


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