Friday Five - Personal Resolutions

I did my reading resolutions last Friday and thought I'd share more of the personal goals I've been contemplating.

1.  Create and Craft - I used to be such a little creative thing.  I did everything from sketch, cross-stitch, paint and design picture frames, photo collages and more.  (Of course not all things I tried showed talent - I'm looking at you Sketch) But, it was fun and a great stress reliever.  Plus, I liked having something to SHOW afterward.  Something tangible. Even if it does end up sucking and end the garbage.  It's all about the process really.  Therefore, my goals for this year are to: return to cross stitching, learn how to crotchet, and also I'm really excited a about making these bookmarks I saw.  If the bookmarks do come out, I'll be thrilled to mail out some to you guys!

2. Friends, Fried Green Tomato Style - This year I want to focus on creating more intimate relationships with people that I know.  I am incredibly lucky because I have many interesting people in my life.  In fact, there's hardly a night that goes by where I don't have the opportunity to call someone up if I'm in the mood to go out.  This is great if I want to feel popular, but for me, I'm much more interested in quality outside of quantity.  In college I had some wonderfully close friends that I would spend hours with, divulging secrets, hopes, and fears.  Unfortunately, I had some mishaps in that part of my life (separation) and lives took different turns.  I miss having a few close "go to" people.  For as much as I can be a social butterfly, that's all pretty superficial.  What matters to me the most stays pretty private.  So here's to "fried green tomato" friends.

3.  Cuisine Please - This one is easy. No long paragraph to explain.  I want to try out new recipes.  I'm pretty good about doing this to begin with, but I'd like to aim for at least 20 new recipes in 2011.

4.  Techno-savvy - Or not.  Heh.  Cuz really, to turn me "savvy" you'd have to send me to an IT program. But dude, there's so much that I have to do in bloggy wise.  And, like, it would be cool if I could finally figure out how to make a blasted button.  So yeah, this blog needs some good old fashion organization.  Thank goodness for Blogiesta coming soon!

5. (Dare I say it?) Health - Let's face it.  I'm awesome in spurts.  Before the holidays hit us, I was lovin' my kettleworx workouts.  And I kept it up for almost four months straight.  But consistency people.  That's what I lack.  I need a support group.  Someone who will text me and tell me to get my ass off of the couch and working out.  It's not a fabulous job; there's no glory to it.  Interested? *grin*


  1. I hear you on that last one! I think that's the biggest problem I had last year. Sure I did 100 miles every quarter, but they were usually in spurts which is not good!

  2. I like your resolution to friends, fried green tomato style - I think that's a super-important one and definitely one that I definitely need to also implement for 2011, too. The tough part for me is that I moved with my husband to a new spot, and I work from home - and the book clubs that I've seen? Oh, my. Here's hoping to better luck also in 2011! :)

  3. I am with you on the recipe one. I have just cleaned out all the old food magazines I had in my house and took out all the recipes I like and put them in a folder with dividers.

    The exercise one is a definite for me to.

  4. Cross-stitching is really good! I always find it so relaxing, especially if I'm making a present for someone I like. :) It's a nice way that I can feel productive while watching TV. :p

  5. I find myself beig a social butterfly and lsoing out on close friendships too! Here's hoping we both get some close friends support this year :)


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