Title: Beastly
Author: Alex Flynn
Pub: Harper Teen;  2007
Pages: 336
Genre: Young Adult, Fairy Tale Retelling

Yes, yes, I will admit to you all...I only read this book because the movie looks SO GOOD.  And part of me feels guilty if there is a book out there in the world waiting to be read competing with a 2 hour film.  Especially if the book is a young adult and one that I could probably read in a couple of hours.

Beastly, although read in a wee bit more than a couple of hours, was a fun light-hearted book that kept me entertained whilst working out.

It is the same telling of Beauty and the Beast with a few differences.  It's very contemporary and my favorite aspect were the chatroom discussions.  The Beast finds himself in a transformation chat room with other fairy tale characters ranting about their unfortunate condition.  Love, love, LOVED this.  I think it's something that the kids can totally relate to.

Overall this was a fun read.  I think that my kids will adore it as soon as I place it on my shelves in my classroom.  Especially because I know a lot of them aren't very familiar with Beauty and the Beast.  (I wonder if that's a cultural thing?)

Secretively, I'm sorta thinking that this one might be better in the film version.  But, shhhh...you didn't hear that from me!


  1. Not familiar with Beauty and the Beast? Huh--curious about that.

    Honestly, not sure I could get past the visuals in the movie (I know--isn't that the point of the Beast?)--hope you enjoy the movie!

  2. Sounds like it might be a good one for the Once Upon a Time challenge. Adding it to my list!

  3. I am just gobsmacked that Trish has never heard of Beauty and The Beast! LOL.

    I do have this one and should read it!

  4. LOL--I should have made my statement clearer, I guess. ;) I was referring to Christina's statement about her students not being familiar with Beauty and the Beast. Seems like such a prevalent and classic story!

    Don't get me started, Viv--I could sing you the entire Disney soundtrack. Little Town--it's a quiet village. Everyday like the one before... ;)

  5. I read Beastly a few months ago. I really liked it. I think the movie may be better as well, but I haven't seen it yet. I still really want to though.

    Today at the library I picked up Cloaked. I'm hoping I'm not disappointed by it.

  6. I read the book last BEA and really enjoyed it. And I just saw the movie last week! I liked the book better, but that's just always the case with me. :)


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